Attack the System: Interview with Thomas N. Naylor

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Thomas N. Naylor

Keith Preston interviews Thomas N. Naylor of the Second Vermont Republic. Topics include:

  • How support for secession grew out of opposition to the wars initiated by the Bush administration;
  • The negative impact of the Obama presidency on the secessionist movement;
  • How the military-industrial complex has taken over institutions of higher learning;
  • Why the Left has been impotent at developing an effective antiwar movement;
  • The stigma attached to secession due to the legacy of the Civil War and the Lincoln presidency;
  • How Vermont secessionists have been attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center in retaliation for the threat posed by secessionists to the alliance between the U.S. and Israel;
  • The possibility of the break-up of the United States in the same manner as the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Thomas N. Naylor, is a Professor Emeritus of Economics at Duke University, the author of thirty books, and a founder of the Second Vermont Republic.

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  1. Another good interview, Keith. And Dr Naylor is right about how the support for secession rises or falls in various States depending on who is in the White House. Not sure why that it since all the presidents are so awful. But people have such a strong attachment to their party. I think that will largely die with the Baby-Boomers though. Fewer younger people support these 2 awful parties as much as the older folks do.

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