Bryant Security Company On Occupy Miami: 'Ready To Intervene, Should Riots Occur'

From The Huffington Post.


A sign of uncertain times, or marketing of questionable taste? As Occupy Miami received its most certain eviction notice yet, possibly leading to a sunset showdown of sorts with police, a Miami security company issued a statement boasting their readiness to “intervene, should riots occur.”

Apparently, should Tuesday’s deadline send tents flying, police should look for help from Bryant Security — who recommend the community prepare for “data protection…community/group support, natural disasters/hurricanes, and a two-day continuous plan” “in case of riots or other emergencies.” Referring to Bryant’s president, listed as a former long-range reconnaissance unit commander for the Israeli Defense Force, the release claims:

Shay Ben-David trains his team of private security specialists to be ready to control riots and crowds, should Occupy Miami require police or other means of intervention. “We need to be prepared for all types of riots and high stress situations. In times of emergency, we are often the first line of defense for our clients.” Mr. Ben-David also adds, “The Los Angeles Times reports that police arrested hundreds of protesters in the last couple of days in Oakland, CA. This may be a starting trend for LE (law enforcement) across the country, and may not go as smooth in all locations.”

“We have a very tight affiliation with the police department,” a Bryan Security employee told HuffPost Miami, before deferring all other questions to his supervisor: “I don’t want to comment on something I don’t have all the details for.”

While we wait on a call back, there’s one thing we know for sure: no matter how able-bodied an outside security firm, Miami-area police departments are pretty good at over-doing it, all by themselves.

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