Attack the System: Interview with Paul Gottfried

My interview with Gottfried on VOR.


Paul Gottfried

Keith Preston interviews Paul Gottfried. Topics include:

  • The core characteristics that distinguish the Right from the Left, including a belief in the necessity and legitimacy of organic hierarchy, respect for the limitations imposed by human nature, and a preference for tradition ;
  • How the American “conservative movement” is not really of the Right and how mainstream American politics is dominated by two factions of the Left;
  • The transformation of the Left from its previous orientation towards Marxism to its current obsession with multiculturalism and alternative lifestyles;
  • The role of the managerial state in promoting Political Correctness;
  • The relationship between Christianity and modern “politics of guilt”;
  • Neoconservatism as an outgrowth of the radical Left.

Paul Gottfried is professor emeritus of the humanities at Elizabethtown College, prolific author, and a leading scholar of the American traditional Right.

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  1. Wonderful stuff. Gottfried is awesome. An old Right traditionalist who defends hierarchy and inequality as natural and positive and is skeptical of the state. I do have some differences with Dr Gottfried, but I always love to hear him. A lot of interviews on podcasts I listen to are not as good as they could be because the host is constantly interrupting to push their own agenda. I like how Keith asked good questions, followed up where necessary and let Gottfried explain his ideas.

  2. Like what you did there Keith. Gottfried’s position amounts to an attack on the “conventional” radical right’s narrative of a malevolent Judo-Marxist plot as the motive force behind all of society’s ills and you brought that out very well with some intelligent questions. Bringing Christianity into the frame should also give the inmates of Prison Planet something to think about. The account of the rise of leftism as progressivism as a result of the failure of Marxism among the working class as a political force based on an economic ideology was also excellent. I’ll even accept the assessment of the influence and motivation of New York’s Jewish community as within the bounds of rational debate. Full marks, I look forward to the next instalment.

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