The Ron Paul-Military Alliance Is The Biggest Threat To The Rotten Establishment



The brightest spot on the American political scene is the Ron Paul-Military alliance. Anyone who is paying attention to the 2012 presidential race knows that Dr. Paul is the only military candidate, while his Republican foes and President Obama are the Wall Street candidates.

Dr. Paul has been given more money from retired and active duty military personnel than every other political leader who is running in the 2012 presidential race, including President Obama.

But the military’s support of Dr. Paul is not just in the form of money. Their support is based on deep spiritual passion and strong political commitment. A lot of soldiers are vocal about their support for the anti-war candidate and participate in the campaign by raising public awareness of Dr. Paul’s military service and unconditional defense of the U.S. Constitution in Congress.

Last week in the Iowa caucuses, an active duty Corporal named Jesse Thorsen appeared on a stage with Dr. Paul and enthusiastically showed his support for his run for the presidency after having been rudely cut off by CNN when he was interviewed earlier in the evening about his thoughts on Dr. Paul and U.S. foreign policy.

The silencing of Cpl. Thorsen’s voice by CNN is symbolic of the relationship between the state-run U.S. establishment media and the American military and the American people. The relationship is based on a master-slave principle.

Elitist media pundits believe it is their role to help the U.S. government launch aimless and illegal wars, which are fought by the slaves in the military and funded by the slaves in the rest of society who have no voice in the government.

But this relationship is coming to an end because the American people and the American military are waking up. Military members are putting their weight behind Dr. Paul’s candidacy because he has proven that he will use his voice as President to restore the values of American society which are based on equality and justice, not slavery and deception.

On January 9, 2012, Steve Watson reported at Infowars.com that former and currently serving military members will take their pro-Ron Paul and pro-Constitution message to the steps of the White House on President’s Day, February 20, 2012. Watson wrote:

In a forthcoming event dubbed “Ron Paul Is The Choice Of The Troops”, thousands of veterans and active duty military personnel are expected to march on the White House in support of the Texas Congressman’s presidential bid.The event, to be held on President’s Day, February 20th, is being organized by activist group Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, co-founded by Adam Kokesh, Iraq war veteran turned activist and talk show host.

In a press release, Kokesh announced that the march will progress from the Washington Monument to the White House, where those taking part will salute a “folded American flag […] for as many seconds as troops have died under the Presidency of Barrack Obama.”

“The purpose of this event is to make it clear to the American people that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops and the candidate who will have the greatest support from those he would lead as commander-in-chief.” writes Kokesh.

The contrast between the military support’s for presidential hopeful Ron Paul and President-elect Barack Obama is drastic. Dr. Paul is the clear favourite. It is as if George Washington was running against Benedict Arnold.

But the rotten establishment media dismisses Dr. Paul as a longshot, while hiding the fact that Obama was also considered a longshot back when he first decided to run for President.

The message that media maggots, establishment pundits, and cable TV anchors are sending to the American people is obvious: We decide who gets to be President, not you.

But, increasingly, this anti-democratic message is being rejected by the American people, and the Ron Paul-Military alliance is a reflection of the new political reality.

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