Why You Need to Expatriate to be Safe in 2012

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America has been happily hiding behind Europe’s blanket of economic woe for the past few months, and perhaps the resurgence of unrest in the Middle East as Egypt protests, will keep many eyes away from the still flagging US economy for a few more weeks yet.  But one thing’s certain, America can’t run and it can’t hide forever from the fact that it remains poised on the brink of bankruptcy.

To sum up what’s wrong with America in a nutshell, it has a stagnant economy and massive debts.  As a result Americans are facing a future of high unemployment that’s exacerbated almost exponentially by huge wealth inequality across the nation.  The US also has an enormous budget deficit that only the everyday people can be called upon to service – and as one journalist from Business Insiderframed it, the country’s dogged by “a sense of entitlement engendered by a half-century of prosperity.”

All of this has already been enough for the record numbers of Americans who’ve quit the nation without a backward glance since the start of the collapse in 2008, but trust me, the fiscal frustrations are about to become the least of any US citizen’s woes…

If we take Greece as an excellent example of an already bankrupt nation being forced to face its bleak reality, then Americans can gain valuable insight into some of what may lie before them…

In Greece the reality of life in a bankrupt nation is daily strikes that literally cripple the country.  Children have no schools to go to when the teachers are absent, and their parents can’t get to work when the transportation sector closes down completely.  Anyone who wants to retain their employment and continue to bring in a wage, which will in all likelihood have been slashed, risks violence every time they attempt to cross a picket line.

Anyone wanting to leave the nation is prevented from doing so on a regular basis when the airports are out of action – that’s assuming they’ve managed to find the money to get out, because the majority of families have been immediately and significantly hit hard in their pockets as the new government tries desperately to stem the haemorrhaging economy.

The streets are lined with uncollected garbage, and the protestors have rioted so many times now that they and the police come to any demonstration prepared for murderous violence.  One of the worse protests resulted in 3 deaths, one of the victims was a pregnant woman who was trapped in a building set alight by the marauding masses, who are totally unwilling to accept their nation’s financial fate.

It’s scenes of mounting social unrest like these that Americans need to be preparing themselves for as 2012 rapidly approaches, and all the politicians seem able to do is argue amongst themselves as if every year were an election year, and the only thing of any real importance is which political party comes out on top in the opinion polls.

America already has its bankrupt cities (Vallejo for example), in near-bankrupt states (California for example), and it already has swathes of homeless and destitute people living in makeshift tent cities (in Lakewood, NJ for example).  These are not necessarily the drug abusing, criminal/less-sane elements of society others would like to label them as so that it’s easy for their consciences to overlook them either.  Increasing numbers of these people are those who lost their jobs, ran through their savings, lost their homes and became unable to help and house themselves.  i.e., everyday people like you and like me.

This is the reality of life in America that we all need to be acutely aware of…because it’s this reality that’s causing a number of experts to warn of an impending future of riots and unrest across the States.  And if this predicted reality comes to pass, as stated, we will all have far more to fear than just fiscal stress in 2012.

The BBC recently produced a report entitled ‘Could world social unrest hit America’s streets?’ in which everyone from Mayor Bloomberg to American professors of politics, social work and sociology all agreed that the US is a ticking time bomb, and as more and more college students graduate into unemployment, and as more and more Americans are forced to face an unprecedentedly bleak future, society is at increased risk of destabilisation in the form of civil unrest.

Just like those Greeks did who could see Greece’s collapse coming, and just as those across the eurozone and in the UK who can see their nations’ impending fiscal collapse are already doing…Americans need to start thinking about where in the world they can find safety.

However, if you believe that you live in a safe enough part of the States and have little to fear from violence that may happen a long way away on the streets of New York or Washington for example, and that as a result you can just keep your head down and carry on as if nothing all that bad is happening around you, perhaps it’s time to introduce you to an even bigger threat to your family’s safety.

I’m talking about the ultimate ‘distraction by phenomenon’ technique that you can bet your bottom dollar both Republicans and Democrats alike are discussing behind closed doors already…

That is war!

For the successful mass manipulation of an entire nation, a war waged on a ‘common enemy’ is the ultimate distraction technique.  And if America decides to stretch itself militarily by entering into a campaign in Africa, the Middle East or even Asia, it will be opening its doors, borders and airspace to a far greater threat than an economic explosion.

At that point, which is not an inconceivable point in the future and which is a point being debated by economists already you and your family will no longer be safe in your homes…and it won’t be a case of where should we move to in order to be safe, it may well be a case of ‘it’s too late’ and you’re trapped.  Trapped not only in a nation that’s signing its own national foreclosure order, but one where the threat to personal safety will be massive.  After all, you can’t wage war and expect no retaliation.

Are you prepared for the disintegration of your personal rights to freedom and security?  If you want to escape the impending threats to your current way of life, it’s time to think very seriously about moving away from America and away from the biggest centres that are at threat as we rapidly approach 2012.

No Christian nation has an appetite for war before Christmas, but come January when the balance sheets still look bleak and Americans are perhaps facing even more household and personal debt following the traditional holiday spend-fest, it’s anybody’s guess how long peace will pervade.

Those looking overseas for a safe haven can forget the eurozone nations and the UK, and they can likely forget about Australia too, because that’s another nation failing to face up to its true financial future…so where is safe?

The question that will increasingly be on people’s minds in the months to come will relate to where in the world they can find a secure, peaceful, relatively prosperous and positive future.  Suggestions range from Central andSouth America to Canada, from Northern Europe to New Zealand.

The key will be finding a country where the economy has always been balanced, and where the threat of fiscal contagion has been contained.  A neutral nation, and one where the emphasis is on family life and working to live rather than living to work will be an advantage.

We’d love to hear your own suggestions about where you would consider moving to live in safety and harmony overseas.  A poll of Escape Artist staff and contributors brought suggestions of Denmark and Norway, Northern Canada, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Argentina.  But where do you feel your family will be safe and secure overseas in 2012?  You may submit your comments below or email the author, and we look forward to hearing from you.  We will endeavour to combine your suggestions into a future report into where in the world expatriates can find a safe haven.

About the author: Susan Beverley is a writer and editor for Escape From America Magazine and also writes for and maintains Expat Daily News – the expat news blog for EscapeArtist.com.  She traveled extensively before becoming an expat herself having found a place to call home in South America where she has lived since 2005.  She understands the concerns, needs and difficulties that expats face from first-hand experience and is dedicated to supporting and encouraging anyone who is looking for a new nation to call home. [ send her an email ]

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