Antiwar.Com: A Dangerous Far-Right Site?

The posts in the comments thread on this are hilarious. A “watchdog” attacks….umm….Reverend Chucko Munson for linking to dangerous right-wing websites like…..umm….Antiwar.Com.

Remember, folks, preventing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in imperialist war is only a tertiary issue. What really matters is maintaining the strictest standards of ideological purity. Sure, the folks at Antiwar.Com might seem like peaceful, mellow libertarians, but linking to one “right-wing” site can lead to linking to even harder “right-wing” sites. There really is no distinction between the “soft” right and the “hard” right. The former is a gateway to the latter. “One drink is all the devil needs.” Antiwar.Com today. The return of the Third Reich tomorrow.

What contemptible trash leftoids are.

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