Jonathan Bowden on the Left

Richard Spencer interviews Jonathan Bowden.

I think both leftists and rightists would find this discussion interesting.


Jonathan Bowden joins Richard to discuss the essence of the Left–its history, deeper meaning, and future.

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  1. I love anything by Mr Bowden. Many folks I talk with (including many fellow Southern nationalists) dislike the Left-Right paradigm. My take is that it’s not very helpful when considering statism. There are statists on the Left, Right and Centre. However, when considering cultural issues I do think it’s helpful. As Mr Bowden points out, there is a de-constructionist nature to the Left. They want to de-construct sexuality, race and nationality. Everyone is reduced to a sex-less, race-less, nation-less “person.” It destroys language then and therefore thought. The Right, by embracing hierarchy, embraces the natural world and creation, as opposed to rejecting nature and embracing destruction. If you look at the radicals of the Green movement, as an example of Leftism, they refer to humans as a blight on the planet and want to greatly reduce the human population. I see this as the de-constructionist nature of the Left taken to its ultimate conclusion.

  2. Yeah, that reminds me of the group Gang of Four — the musical group I mean. The only thing people remember them for was the interesting early stuff, but more for the music than how they deconstructed love, sex and the whole bit, pretty much taking the fun out of rock ‘n roll in spite of being quite intriguing musically… I mean, a good band but symptomatic of how extreme-left politics are completely incompatible with real life. A true Clockwork Orange, if you will…

  3. Most of the good primitivists/radical ecologists that I’ve read like Zerzan and Jensen don’t have much to do with postmodernism/PC from my reading of it thank goodness, but certain green/eco anarchists have invented this ridiculous PC idea of speciesism, probably the most out-there of all the evil “isms”.

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