Ron Paul and Marine Le Pen

Article by Ian Huyett.


I was euphoric when I heard that my favorite French politician was coming to the United States to meet my favorite American politician.

I was less thrilled – but sadly unsurprised – when Paul’s spooked advisorscanceled the meeting to avoid upsetting politically correct sensitivities.

The course of events that followed, however, exceeded even my initial hopes. Unswayed by the politic cowardice of Paul’s advisors, Le Pen “escaped through a security checkpoint” and tenaciously waited in Paul’s office for nearly an hour while the Congressman was on the floor voting. Paul, being a badass, brushed off the mounting media pressure and met with Le Pen over his advisors’ objections.

This is how politics is supposed to be. And Paul’s ultimate refusal to pander is exactly what Americans are looking for.

Marine Le Pen is, in many ways, the Ron Paul of France. Her policies include abolishing the Euro, withdrawing from the EU, and ending entangling alliances. She calls on the French not to “police the world”. Polls show that she is an increasingly serious contender for the French Presidency.

Le Pen diverges from Paul in her outspoken cultural conservatism. She is maligned by the media for her conviction that the indigenous people of France have a unique and beautiful culture – and that they should stand for its continued existence rather than succumb to globalization.

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