Rule of Lord: The Republican plan to nullify the courts and establish Christian theocracy

From Slate.Com.

This article reflects the typical liberal hysteria over a supposed  imminent theocratic coup by the Christian Right. It’s the same hysteria the Left has preached for 30 years. The GOP is led by cosmopolitan businessmen motivated by greed and its intellectual leadership comes from mostly Jewish and Catholic neoconservatives. The religious right are their useful idiots. However, this article illustrates fairly well what a pack of dullards the Republicans are.

As I’ve said before, the GOP is the party of the dying WASP elite, the right-wing of the traditional ruling class, and the American culture of the postwar but pre-1960s era. Every demographic, cultural, generation, economic, or partisan trend is working against the Republicans. The Democrats are the party of a rising upper middle class that is well on its way to becoming a ruling class and represents upwardly mobile social and political forces.  That’s why it is a strategic necessity for we alternative anarchists and pan-secessionists to focus our attacks on the Left.  The Left currently plays to the same role against the dying WASP elites as the historic bourgeoisie did against the traditional aristocracy. We lumpens play the same role against the Left as the historic proletariat played against the classical bourgeoisie: “Let the Cultural Marxist ruling classes tremble in fear of a lumpenproletarian anarchist revolution!” Our battle with the Cultural Marxist/Totalitarian Humanist Left is the continuation of the historic battle between the Anarchists and the Communists. Now, it’s our turn.

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