Not So Epic, Really…

Article by Andy Nowicki.


Like Anders Behring Breivik with a side order of gratiutious profanity, but without the mass murder or the effete Nordic beauty and literary pretensions, Emma West, the “epic tram lady,” has become an instant folk hero to many on the Right.

I do understand the appeal, in a way. Whenever anyone shows nerve, guts, and fortitude, putting himself in possible danger in order to express a deeply-held conviction, whether with words or with guns and bombs, there is something to admire. It becomes even more tempting to champion such a person if he fiercely espouses a cause that one favors, a cause that constantly gets defamed and ridiculed by smarmy elites. Immigration restrictionists and multicult-skeptics are naturally tired of the abuse, the ad hominem character assaults, the patently illiberal threats to our livelihood and freedom that continually issue forth from our supposedly “liberal” betters, who for all their talk of highfalutin talk of “tolerance” really want nothing more than to shut us up, imprison us, take away our jobs, and brand us with a scarlet “R” to cast us from polite society, into the outer darkness of perpetual sensitivity training, where there is great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

So of course it’s appealing to see someone not afraid of being called a “racist,” someone scrappy, unbowed, and unintimidated, as young Miss West shows herself to be during her hostile exchange with fellow London tram-goers in the now famous video circulating across the internets. Yet while I don’t want to join the usual suspects in tarring and feathering this woman as some uniquely evil specimen of hateful hatred, I can’t join the chorus of support for her, either.

My reason for refraining from praising West comes from a similar place as when I rebuked the Breivik-bots who hip-hip-hurrayed for his slaughter of teenage “cultural Marxists” at a youth camp in Norway this past summer. Revolt against the ruling regime must take the form of principledopposition, if it is to be worth its salt. What this woman did was not a “hate crime,” or any sort of crime, but it still wasn’t decent behavior. Indeed, she went off on a profane, unprovoked tirade against a bunch of people who weren’t bothering her. And she did this with her child, a sweet-faced little boy, sitting on her lap and gazing with heartbreaking childish non-judgmental stoicism at his mum’s brazen oafishness.

Nor, methinks, is the comparison to the legendary “epic beard man” terribly apt. The EBM was getting bullied and threatened by a drunken young lout, and he defended himself honorably, hilariously kicking the crap out of the little punk who apparently mistook him for a typically gutless White coward.

The dubiously named ETL, on the other hand, was plainly the aggressor in the tram. She was the equivalent of the Black thug on the Seattle bus in this scenario. The passengers who made retort were simply verbally defending themselves against her abuse. Of course, one can agree with Miss West’s point, that this group of non-English people shouldn’t ever have been allowed to settle in England, that mass immigration is out of control, that England’s political elites are attempting to displace its native population with servile exotics in order to prop up their vile and corrupt power structure, that Great Britian is, as she puts it, “fuck-all”… without resorting to needless abuse of random immigrants who happen to be sitting around you on a subway train.

I’m sure that many Alt-Right readers will hold me guilty of snobbery for declining to back the not-so-epic tram lady on principle. But again, I don’t object to Miss West for being an unlettered prole. Some of my best friends are unlettered proles. (Well, not really, but you see my larger rhetorical point.) Rather, I dislike the fact that she acted like a mean, bitchy tramp. Graceless behavior is hardly the staple of the working classes; we all succumb to it, on occasion. Yet we all must, and can, do better.

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