The Russian Bear Is Back

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If you believe that the United States is the “sole superpower” in the world, then you really need to read the rest of this article. Most Americans have very little idea what is actually going on in the rest of the world and how the global balance of power is shifting.

For example, can you name the country that is the number one oil producer in the world, the number one oil exporter in the world, the number one exporter of natural gas in the world and that also has the second most powerful military in the entire world? In case you need a hint, it is not Saudi Arabia, it is not China and it is not the United States. The correct answer is Russia. The Russian Bear is back in a big way. Did you know that Russia is rapidly becoming one of the top suppliers of oil to the United States? Russia has vast natural resources, a national debt that is very low (ratio of publicly held debt to GDP is less than 10%) and an economy that has boomed over the past decade. Russia is busy flexing its muscles in many different ways. For example, many are pointing out that the “Eurasian economic union” that Russia is putting together is a significant move in the direction of a revival of the Soviet Union. Russia is also rapidly modernizing its military and developing very powerful new weapons systems. Most Americans believe that the Cold War is over and that Russia is a toothless bear that no longer represents a threat. It is difficult to find words to describe how wrong that assessment of the situation is.

The other night during the Republican debate the candidates said next to nothing about Russia. It was almost as if the second most powerful superpower on the planet did not even exist.

That debate was yet another example of just how bizarre our foreign policy has become. As you will see below, if there is one country on the face of the planet that could defeat the United States in a war, it is Russia.

And if you believe that Russia is now our “friend”, then you have been seriously deceived.
The Cold War is not over. In fact, activity by Russian intelligence agents inside the United States and other western nations is now at least at Cold War levels. And tensions between the United States and Russia are rising on multiple fronts.

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  1. Boy where do I begin with this article which is the standard propaganda you find in the western mass media especially here in Britain.

    First no country can compete militarily with the US which has bases in every major region of the world including along all of Russia’s borders and the soon to be established missile system capable of nuclear first strike option.

    Second in regards to Russian spying that’s what is to be expected as the US and EU as well as the aligned Gulf states supporting pan Turanian separatist movements among the Turkish ethnic groups in the Balkans, North Caucasus, Central Asia and China to secure alternative Eurasian energy consortium under US dominion and disrupt Russian energy projects and corridors to EU which includes creating and supporting Chechen terrorist groups.

    Western intelligence helped train and facilitate the recruitment of jihadist volunteers in the US and Europe to fight in Chechnya this is how September the 11th had been able to be pulled despite being tracked by numerous foreign and domestic intelligence agencies and obvious direct financial links to Atta and the hijackers were never perused by the FBI after 9/11 especially in Bosnia.

    Those who are directing Afghan drug trafficking into Russia reside in the US according to Russia’s anti-drug Czar Ivanov.


    Not hard to notice the connection in the “war on terror” and those involved are connected to Islamic separatist movements, the Caspian oil industry, Turkish interests in the US and NATO military expansion towards Russia like Obama’s Afghan-Pakistan special envoy Marc Grossman.


    There is also other points like colour revolutions, shock thearpay economics, interfering in the internal and political/social affairs in Russia, etc.

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