H. L. Mencken Club Conference Coming Up

I hope to see some ARV/ATS supporters there.



The Fourth Annual Meeting of the HL Mencken Club

4-5 November 2011

Baltimore, Maryland


Double Tree by Hilton–Baltimore/BWI

Conference Center

890 Elkridge Landing Road, Linthicum, MD

(410) 859-8400


Register here


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Friday, November 4
Dinner & Banquet

Master of Ceremonies, Richard Spencer

Postprandial Speakers

Opening Remarks

Paul Gottfried

Secretary’s Report

James Kalb

Remembering Joe Sobran

Fran Griffin

What Should a Conservative Canon Be?

Paul Gottfried

November 5

~9:00 to 10: 30 AM~

What’s Wrong with the Conservative Canon?

The WFB Myth

Peter Brimelow

Up From Liberalism? From Anti-Communism to Democratic Globalism and GOP Drift

Paul Gottfried

Liberal Values and the Seduction of the American Right

James Kalb

Moderator: Tom Piatak

~11:00 to 12:30 PM~
Lost Traditions in Foreign Affairs

The Spirit of George Kennan

Lee Congdon

“Human Rights” and Endless War

Michael Desch

Carl Schmitt and the Nomos of the Earth

Keith Preston

Moderator: James Kurth

~12:30 to 2:00~


Real Virtue: Lessons from the Ancients

  1. E. Christian Kopff

~2:00-3:30 PM~

Education and Intelligence

Missing the Genetic Link

Henry Harpending

The Limits of Charter Schools

Robert Weissberg

The Impossibility of Reform

F. Roger Devlin

Moderator: Byron Roth


The Right in a Different Key

Fascist Intellectuals

Stanley Payne

Spengler and the Reaction to Democratic Equality

Thomas Bertonneau

The Other “Old Right”: The WASP Elite

Richard Spencer

Moderator : Paul Gottfried



Why Read?

John Derbyshire

Sunday, November 6, 2011

9:00 – 10:30

Members Breakfast and Round Table

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