The ‘Iranian Plot’ – Please don’t laugh!

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According to the New York Times (October 11, 2011) – Washington has accused Iranian Al-Quds for hatching a plot, to assassinate Saudi ambassador in the US – and to bomb Israeli embassy in Washington DC and both Saudi and Israeli embassies in Argentina. To carry out this new 9/11, allegedly, Iran did not hire the usual western pasty, the non-existent Al-Qaeda, but a US-Iranian used-car salesman and Mexican drug cartel.

Now, here is some food for the American sheep including Israel-Firsters Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder.

1. What Iran is going to achieve by assassinating a powerless Saudi ambassador who never said bad things about Iran. Israeli ambassador Michael Oren could have been a better taget because the Zionist propagandist is not known to shut his mouth spreading lies about Iranian Islamic regime. Last month, ten Muslim university students were convicted for challenging Michael Oren’s lies during a speech at University of California at Irvine in 2010. That shows how much power Oren carries in the US. And finally, why assassinate Saudi or Israeli ambassador in the US, when Iranian, if wanted, could carry-out such assassinations in the Arab countries, i.e. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan to name a few.

2. Why would Al-Quds offer drugs to a Mexican cartel when a few months ago, the UNODC, had highly praised Islamic Republic for drugs seizures and destruction. These drugs are smuggled from US-NATO controlled Afghanistan and CIA allegedly makes billions of dollars from this trade each year.

3. Iran’s military groups, IRGC and Al-Quds (both listed ‘terrorist’ by US for supporting Hamas and Hizbullah), are recognized for their integrity and professionalism by Israelis and the West. Should not Al-Quds be using a Hizbullah supporter instead of a used-car salesman Mansour J. Arbabsiar, 56 – who is financially banrupt and is being sued by his embittered ex-wife?

4. In Argentina, thanks to local Jewish population (over 300,000) – Israeli Mossad has long developed special relations with the country’s security forces. The bombing of Israeli embassy and the Jewish Center in 1992 and 1994 – were Mossad False-Flag operations to demonize local Arab community and Islamic Republic.

5. According to Mother Jones, the so-called ‘FBI informants’ are usually the ones who have created terrorist plots since 9/11.

6. “The plot does look like an American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) wet dream delivered to Holder on a silver plate, the Israel lobby in Washington as well as assorted Zionists would love nothing better than to rally alongside a causus belli established in Washington itself, leading perhaps to a US strike of some sort against Iran without direct Israeli involvement,” says Pepe Escobar in Asia Times (October 14, 2011). Watch RT interview below.

7. Robert Baer, former CIA intelligence analyst for 24 years on ME , told Eleanor Hall (The World Today) that the US-claimed ‘plot’ stinks and it would be better for Barack Obama to set back and open direct negotiation with Iranian leaders instead of being foolish to put more sanctions against Iran or military action of some sort. “The war with Iran will be uncontrollable,” he said.

Barack Obama’s threat to impose further sanctions on Iran is just a rant for Jewish Lobby’s consumption. He knows very well that the previous four ‘crippling sanctions’ did not produce results which the Jewish Lobby had expected. However, a new sanction may incite some Iranian leaders to call for further destablization of pro-American regimes in the region and thus flaring more anti-Israel demonstrations. (Watch an interview with Iranian political analyst Mohammad Marandi below).

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