Keith Preston — “Mass Immigration and Totalitarian Humanism”

The video is now available from the National Policy Institute.

As Keith Preston quips, some might wonder how a libertarian anarchist like himself ever got involved with people who identify themselves as nationalists. Are not liberty and nationalism polar opposites, never to be reconciled or aligned? Preston does not think so. Indeed, if one can say that both nationalists and anarchists stand against world government and “globalization,” then the two actually have a lot in common. Moreover, if freedom of association is to have any meaning at all, then it must necessarily entail rights of discrimination as well as kinship and tribe.

And today, anarchists and nationalists share a common enemy—what Preston calls “Totalitarian Humanism,” and which stands as the reigning ideology of the state as well most cultural, educational, and religious institutions. In a nutshell, Totalitarian Humanism means a universalist political order, mass-ification of peoples, and the destruction of cultural and individual differences—all in the name of “equality.” Totalitarian Humanism is a doctrine of both the contemporary Left and Right, and which is often masked by the Establishment’s favorite bogeymen: “racism,” “fascism,” “right-wing extremism” etc. Liberty and nationalism are not enemies after all.

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