'NY Police Beat Wall Street Protesters'

Watch the Video.


A New York police officer bashes away at protesters with a baton using it like a baseball bat and wielding it with both hands, as he swings at the demonstrators, the footage shows.

Protesters from the “Occupy Wall Street” movement who have been marching in New York for two and a half weeks had much more company on Wednesday. The group that had grown from 200 to 2,000 was joined by 100,000 more individuals as they gathered together for what they called a day of solidarity.


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  1. Actually I am just trying to break some of my strings to be honest with you and to figure out my “Journey through the Political Wilderness” to quote from a past article on this website. I was raised as a Mormon in UT and have spent 20 yrs. trying to get rid of a lot of that brainwashing. Oh, if you had any idea about how hard that is! I really agree with Hayek, Von Mises and Ayn Rand but then I found American Res., Altern. RT and Attack the Sys. I read everything on this website. I was just surprised to see the 2 different videos and wondered about the difference. I wasn’t really agreeing with the website that posted the video. Not a shill, just trying to figure out what to believe. It is kind of like when I first started reading about Darwin and evolution and how I had to change my whole set of beliefs. If that is even a good comparison.

  2. OK. I just don’t dig that site you linked to, which was obviously biased towards Islamophobia and statism. And frankly I wouldn’t give much stock with the law enforcement side-of-the-story…

    But if yr just finding your political niche, well I am too, having come out of a naive left-wing view myself…

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