The hunting of America….another treasonous Act

Article by Marti Oakley.


Who could imagine this day would come?  Obviously, the Pentagon, the Bush Administration not only imagined it, but put it in motion.  Our own government in collusion with the military are openly moving against the people of the United States.  It is more than apparent we ARE the ENEMY so feared by those in power.  They weren’t  hunting BinLaden, they aren’t looking for terrorists…….they are preparing to hunt us. 

The continual threats of an attack perpetrated by some vague enemy they either cannot identify or will not indentify are overshadowed by the presence of our own military on our streets fully engaged in preparation for attacking us.  If you think for one moment they wouldn’t…….just look at your local police and sheriff’s departments..fully militarized and more than willing to assault people in their own communities. 

But don’t forget:  In 2008, General Renault of the Air Force signed that agreement of treason with the Canadians called the Civil Assistance Plan.  Plan B to be used just in case our soldiers decide love of country and patriotism does not include launching attacks on US civilians.  In this case, the Canadians will send their troops to do the job.  And we will return the favor for them, sending our troops against Canadians. 

The suicide rate in our military is at an all time high as troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering post traumatic stress and suffering from horrendous depression as a result of what they saw and were required to do in the name of Bush’s (and now Obama’s) wars on humanity.  I have to wonder what kind of mental suffering will occur if in the future these young men and women have to deal with the suffering they caused here in their own country if this preparation for assault inside the US by the United States military takes place.

Border Perimeter and Security Act between US and Canada

In what is being sold as heightened security for both Canada and the US, the Border Perimeter Security Act was embedded in the  Obama Jobs bill.  This is an example of where that handy-dandy phrase…”and for other purposes” comes in.  That’s the phrase added to virtually every bill title that allows government to insert non-related projects, laws, and all out assaults on the public, hiding these things behind an innocuous sounding bill title.  “And for other purposes” is the red flag that unconstitutional, unlawful or downright deceptive crap is loaded into a front bill.

“WASHINGTON — Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama are seeking a sweeping deal to establish a North American security and trade perimeter, opening talks Friday that could lead to jointly operated Canada-U.S. border facilities, an integrated entry-exit system to track travellers and the deployment of “cross-designated” law enforcement officers to intercept terrorists and criminals.

Only thing is, we know they aren’t looking for terrorists or criminals, they are hunting us.  Snagging a terrorist or criminal would be too simple; they would only have to look at the people they work with.

“The Canada and U.S. governments plan to put in place “common technical standards for the collection, transmission and matching of biometrics” to screen travellers in real time.”

And I will just bet all those criminals and terrorists will be lining up to submit themselves to biometric screening.  The only people who will be affected by this are the common people of both countries who want to travel between the two for business or pleasure.  We are the threat to both governments. If criminals or terrorists were actually the focus of such an Act, half of the District of Criminals would be frog-marching to jail right now with the other half taking a number to wait their turn.

From the white House Declaration

“To preserve and extend the benefits our close relationship has helped bring to Americans and Canadians alike, we intend to pursue a perimeter approach to security, working together within, at, and away from the borders of our two countries to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods, and services between our two countries.  We intend to do so in partnership, and in ways that support economic competitiveness, job creation, and prosperity.”

This paragraph could have been taken straight from the pages of the Bush Regime’s Security & Prosperity Partnership that has left our Southern border wide open and our federal government refusing to secure it.  This as millions flood the US including gangs, drug cartels, pedophiles, rapists, and other criminals move about freely and operate without penalty in our country.

We are under attack by our own government.  We are being sold off, parceled out and commodified.  Economically we are being liquidated, stripped of our property, jobless and soon to come under one of the most insidious plans to treat us as chattel property…Obamacare.

We have representation in neither the District of Criminals, nor in our state legislatures.  Our governors are simply shills for the federal government and refuse to defend their respective states from the continual assaults brought about by corrupt politicians and corporate federal agencies that have been unlawfully, illegally empowered to violate our rights and our persons.

At some point America, we will either have to stand up and say “No!” or simply go to our knees and submit.   The Civil Assistance Agreement of 2008 and the new Border perimeter plan are acts of treasons.  Both forfeit our soveriegnty and violate our rights.  The pentagon plans to miltarize our police departments and sheriffs departments is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the use of the US military domestically.

WE are the enemy identified by our own government.  It is we, the American public that represents a threat to the corruption and wholesale destruction of our country.  Most times I find myself wondering why those in the District of Criminals are so worried about us.  After all, most people are absolutely clueless about the treasonous acts taking place and even if they did know, are far too lazy to do anything about it.


Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security (December 1, 2008)Police State 2009: Pentagon to Militarize USA with 20,000 Armed Troops by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, December 1, 2008
“In direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids military troops from playing a role in domestic law enforcement, the Pentagon has announced plans to station 20,000 armed, uniformed troops inside the United States where they will walk the streets, ready to “respond to terrorism events,” says the Pentagon.

It’s against the law, but since when did the Bush Administration or the Pentagon pay any attention to law in the first place?”


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