Christians Fined for Bible Study

Article by Matthew Heimbach.


Say goodbye to the days when you could have your friends, family, or members of your Church over to your house to read the word of God. A married California couple were fined $300 dollars because their bible study “violates a city zoning code.” The Fromms are accused of having “impacts on the residential neighborhood on street access and parking” when they hold their twice a week Bible study. Brad Dacus who is a lawyer for the Public Justice Institute responded to this accusation by stating “the Fromms live in a semi-rural area and have not caused any parking problems for neighbors.” This seems to be the continuation of blatant bigotry against practicing Christians by the establishment who are using any excuse to persecute believers in this supposed secular age. In a world where the BBC Christian program “Songs of Praise” may now “explore other faiths”, Christians throughout the Middle East are being targeted with bombs and bullets by Muslim extremists, and here at home atheists are even suing to remove the 9/11 cross from being a part of the September 11th memorial. Against this backdrop a couple in California is being forced to pay $300 dollars for meeting with friends to discuss the Gospel. Religious tolerance? I don’t think so.

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  1. lol! Parking is a sacred right in this country to be defended at all costs! In fact, I think that’s one of the reasons we went to war with Iraq! And woe on to anyone who does anything in their home other than “normal” stuff like watching TV or sleeping.

  2. My view on this issue, which encompasses zoning overly sensitive neighbors, is that as long as the cost of enforcement is externalized, then folks will overconsume the services of the police and city planners to an absurd level. This is an excellent example of that. If neighbors had to bear the cost of settling these disputes themselves, then you’d see much saner results.

    A friend of mine related this story to me: She lives in an economically marginal neighborhood; a mixture of lower, working and middle class whites. She’s right across the street from a park that usually attracts all manner of shady people. Like every good block in the city, this block has a self appointed elderly guardian. One time a pair of prostitutes were working the park from their parked car. Now this isn’t a criticism of prostitution; but basically the block guardian was none too happy to have them directly across the street from her house. She told them to get off the block, they laughed at her and told her off. She calmly returned with her garden house and housed them down through their open window. They never came back. Fucking awesome!

    A neighborhood left to its own devices will largely self police. When you throw modern subsidized policing into the mix, then you end up with some neighborhoods that get no police protection or city resources, and others that command vast city resources to harass their neighbors over petty issues.

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