What will happen to the police officers in these two cases?

Article by Mark Fruenhelder.


In Atlanta, a police officer arrested a disabled woman who was sitting in a chair in front of her home waiting for an ice cream truck.

Walker said an Atlanta police officer approached her and told her to move. “He came right here and said we had to move, and I said ‘What reason do he have to move?’ ” Walker said. She said the officer told her, “Because I said so.” Walker claims she stood and told the officer she was going to call his supervisor.“That’s when he grabbed me. My ice cream fell and my phone fell,” she said. Walker said that’s when the officer put her on the ground. Walker has photos of the incident. Walker said the officer sprained her shoulder in the process, and she had to be taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The charge was disorderly conduct. “In six months, 27 of the 38 arrests the officer made were for disorderly conduct.” And in Southwest Miami-Dade a police officer clobbered a man with Down Syndrome because he was suspicious of the bulge in the man’s trousers.

Liko said, the officer smacked him in the face with an open hand and knocked him to the ground. “His whole hand,” he said. According to the police report, a Miami-Dade Police officer noticed a bulge in Liko’s waistband. The officer attempted to conduct a pat down, and Powell tried to run away. “I said, ‘Didn’t you know he was a Down’s Syndrome kid?’ And he said, ‘No, I’m not a doctor. I don’t know.’ And I said, ‘Well, you can see it in his face that he is a Down’s Syndrome kid,'” said Powell’s mother, Josephine. The bulge that Liko had on his waistband was a colostomy bag.

What will happen to the police officers in these two cases? So far nothing. My guess is that any disciplinary action will be minor.

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