Kindergartener Brings Crack Pipe, Meth from Home for Show-and-Tell: Mom Arrested

Be careful what you leave laying around.


Crime Beat – It was one kindergartener’s first show and tell and he was very excited, but now his mom has been arrested as the young boy brought a bag of crystal meth and a crack pipe from home to school for show-and-tell.

Teachers and police were shocked. It was reportedly an ounce of meth.

“That was a first for show-and-tell in this town,” Police Chief Richard Downing said, according to Reuters.

A search warrant was executed at the boy’s home and 32-year-old Michelle Marie Cheatham was arrested.

She is the boy’s mother.

The AP has more details here.

The article cites a “source close to the investigation who said Cheatham’s life began spiraling out of control after her husband died earlier this year in a car crash and she received a sizeable military pension.”

The mother has now been hospitalized, “after experiencing complications from a previous gastrointestinal surgery,” the report adds.

The family lives in Sweet Springs, MO, a small town 66 miles east of Kansas City.

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