Silver: The Underrated Beauty

From the World National Anarchist Alliance.


Today as inflation is on the rise, both silver and gold are holding their value. What I mean is that they still have the same purchasing power. As of today, a silver dime is worth approximately $2.94

If I were to sell that dime I would get the above mentioned price. Silver has not gone up in value. Our dollar has decreased in value, therefore it takes more dollars to purchase that amount of silver. The amount of silver in a silver dime would purchase about the same amount today as it did in 1964. Being that the average is around $3.65 for a gallon of gas, that would put gas at under $0.13 in silver based currency. Gas was around 25 cents a gallon at the time, which means that gas has actually gone down dramatically. It has dropped by almost half, and we are told how the Arabs are ripping us off all of the time.

It is not the fault of the Arabs. It is our fault for devaluing the currency by getting rid of all silver backing it and printing it to the point of huge inflation. I believe that we are getting it for as low as we can without the other side being hugely ripped off.

The following video is humorous:

Amazing how much the value of the silver dime has changed in such a short period of time. This is why I encourage everyone to trade in any extra cash after living expenses and a few extra items are paid for. Purchase silver dimes and quarters, because these are nice pieces to exchange. A big bullion will not do well when trying to purchase a loaf of bread when we are in economic ruin. Smaller pieces are much better for the purpose of purchasing something.

We are often told that we don’t have enough metal to fit an economy of a decent size. Consider that we would not need as much money worth to fuel the economy. We would need only 1/29 the amount that we currently have. Remember that our 10 cent piece is worth $2.94 in today’s currency. This means that for every 29 dollars we currently have in the economy we would only need 1 dollar in silver currency to replace it. Not to mention that we still have gold to use in the economy, and it is also notable to mention that platinum has a notable value. Platinum right now is worth approximately the same amount that gold is.

Advice: Trade in for silver, gold, and platinum

Further Advice: I advise purchasing silver dimes and quarters due to them being available in nearly every location to purchase. They are small enough to be useful when engaging in trade in a collapsed economy.


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