Ten Years Later

From Propaganda Lalaland.


Ten years ago, the violence that the US perpetrates all over the globe finally came back to its shores.

I don’t remember where I was exactly when “I heard what happened”, and I couldn’t really care. What happened that day happens all the time in Palestine, Kurdistan, Sri Lanka, the Congo, Colombia (and usually with US backing). It’s also worth noting that far more people die as a result of neoliberal economic policies (starvation, workplace-related deaths, suicides brought on by horrid working conditions) than from acts of terrorism committed by guerilla organizations.

It’s just sick when remembrance turns into some nationalistic celebration. What’s even more disgusting is this constant notion that the US was this good little country that never did anything wrong to any other nation, and thus it was attacked purely out of some irrational, religious-fueled hatred. Baloney. Terrorism is the natural result of empire. Hijackings, bombings, shootings, labor violence, etc. doesn’t just grow out of nowhere. If you want to end terrorism then stop terrorizing.

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