Anonymous Calls Gaddafi “Leader of the Free World”

From The Green Star.


The ANONYMOUS video using a female robot voice, starts off with the following statement:

“People of the world, join us. Please forward this message to all embassies of green Libya, the UN, NATO, your governments, paliaments, [indistinct] etc. We are ANONYMOUS, we recognize Brother Leader of the Libyan revolution Muammar Qaddafi as the World Leader of the fight against [word indistinct], tyranny and oppression…”


“NATO crimes must stop. The rape of Libyan must stop. The genocide of the Libyan population must stop. Organize yourselves. Go on the street. Now! Show us a green flag. Now! Distribute all free Libya videos telling it to your friends or strangers. For a free Libya for a free World. All people of good will all over the world stand for Muammar Qaddafi and his nation, for Libya.”

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  1. Sounds to me that Col. Qadafi is using the word ‘Anonymous’ as propaganda cover for his statist criminality. All governments and statists must fall. The People of the world demand freedom!

  2. Perhaps, but have you ever read the Green Book? It’s actually very similar to what many kinds of anarchists envision (of course, that doesn’t mean it’s actually practiced). I used to pass out copies of it at Green Party meetings back when the Greens were first getting organized in the US.

  3. hello world ..
    We know what did Gaddafi to the Libyan people, I do not think Anonymous supports Gaddafi.
    Anonymous released an article on the internet where They said: people of Libya You are not alone the whole world watching
    I hope from the website to make sure the sources before publication

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