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ATS-UK is a blog founded to promote alternative-anarchism within a UK-specific context. Our intention is to form a coalition of dissident tendencies from across the left/right spectrum united in opposition to the British state.

Alternative-anarchism is a return to anarchism’s core principles: the abandonment and overthrow of states, ruling classes, and empires. While the left-wing cultural politics and countercultural lifestylism of the mainstream anarchist movement in the UK are perfectly assimilable within the alternative-anarchist paradigm, where we diverge from the mainstream is in our choice of focus. The left-anarchists would hold up these cultural tendencies as inextricably linked with the anti-authoritarian struggle, and often categorically reject any anarchist or libertarian tendency that adheres to alternative cultural or economic values. We take a more relativistic perspective, and offer pan-secessionism and voluntary self-determination as a practical resolution of irreconcilable cultural differences. For this reason, we are working towards a synthesis of the scattered anarchist tendencies such as anarcho-collectivism, syndicalism, mutualism, post-structuralism, Green anarchism, primitivism and neo-tribalism from the Left; anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-monarchism, anarcho-feudalism, national-anarchism, tribal-anarchism, paleo-anarchism and Christian anarchism from the Right; and anarchist tendencies that defy left/right categorization such as synthesist anarchism, post-left anarchism, situationism, black anarchism, Islamic anarchism, third wave anarcha-feminism, geoanarchism, libertarian queer anarchism, and queer national-anarchism.

How this applies to the context of the United Kingdom is what this blog will be exploring. We are living in interesting times, as the faux-Oriental proverb goes, and disenfranchisement with the system is growing. The recent nationwide riots are living proof of how chaotic and unstable the national situation has become. Behind this chaos lies the mismanagement and corruption of the British government, and our goal is to provide the disparate tribes of the United Kingdom with viable alternatives of community organisation and self-determination. A nationwide anarchist-led grassroots movement could focus on issues relevant to specific communities: for black communities these could include concerns about police brutality, crime, and social breakdown; Islamic communities, concerns about authoritarian measures perpetrated in the name of counter-terrorism; for traditional white working to lower-middle class communities, concerns about the impact of state-sponsored mass immigration and the PC ideology of the ruling elite. A pluralistic, anarcho-centrist strategy gives alternative-anarchism the edge over partisan movements of the left and right that  focus on irresolvable culture-war issues over the struggle against state and corporate power.

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