For NA Leftists and Rightists

From the World National Anarchist Alliance.


Those who view themselves as National Anarchist leftists have a unique responsibility. Work hard to get anarchist leftists to unite under the banner of National Anarchism.

There is a website online called the Alliance of the Libertarian Left:


One of our short-term goals should be to get listed on websites like that. It will direct a lot of traffic our way of anarchists who may be looking for solutions to unify anarchy.

A lot of the time we are just listed as “haters”, and this image needs to be shattered through in order to gain some level of success. They all propose to be “voluntary” in their ideologies, so if that is in fact the case, perhaps we can have discussions with them.

The goal of the National Anarchist right needs to be very similar. I am happy that National Anarchism has a listing on Metapedia to aid the cause:


However, this is not enough in our struggle to make more people aware. I ask that you use the contact information on well known far-right websites to inform them of the presence of National Anarchism. Even a negative article being written as a result can direct searches, and therefore traffic to our websites.

Even those who believe that National Anarchism is “beyond left and right” can divide their time in half toward both of the goals mentioned above. Express that their respective systems can be implemented in the tribe of their choosing.

A very simple way to help is to go to http://blogger.com and create a blog. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and you can start writing articles in no time. Contact me at: hypermike14@hotmail.com and we can link one another. Letting one another know that we exist gives hope to those who often feel that they are alone in this fight.

This is often repeated by a lot of people, but it helps. Go to the craigslist site for city areas, make a post in the politics section, and drop a link in that post to an NA website. People often complain that these posts get removed, but before that happens usually over 50 views have already been achieved. It only takes a couple of minutes to make a post, so this becomes well worth it.

I’m serious when I say that I want an actual alliance of various National Anarchist groups to make our presence much more visible to the outside world. An ideology which is persistent will make itself manifest to the outside world.

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