What is the meaning of life?

Article by Alexander Dugin.


The meaning of life is in overcoming your limits.

I think that life is dynamics. Life demands everyone, who is caught into its sphere of influence, to overcome its limits. Reality as presence is a dead reality, as immobility, that is death’s domain. Reality as a task is the domain of life. That is why I think that the meaning of life lies in the overcoming of all barriers, in all directions. The only thing, it’s a truism, every tiny creature even a molecule overcomes something. The only thing is, there is an all-directional overcoming, on the model of a sphere (the true one), and there is a one-dimensional overcoming, a more general, a more popular trajectory, but overcoming is everywhere, I think only the spherical, non-stoppable overcoming is the real one

What should one do being in absolute despair?

One should go on living. Despair must be the predominant modus of existence. Because we have been cast here and abandoned. Without the experience of total despair, by overlooking the omnipresent absurdity, without gazes into the open-wide abyss we are able to see thanks to our finiteness, one will overlook a gamut of emotions. Despair is a “sine qua non”, a constant existential of an authentic Dasein. Those who haven’t been through despair, solitude, tragedy, those can not be called “humans” and must be overleaped. Untermensches they are.

What is a total revolution?

The etymological meaning of “revolution” is (the Latin “revolutio”) rotation. The rotation of the Sun in the first place. And just like the Sun can’t help but to go down and to rise, from the point of midnight to the point of dawn (that is the most mysterious and enigmatic aspect of being), human life, life in general, the subject, the spirit, can’t stop to perform this rotation. I think, at a certain point, revolutional cycles, cycles of different rotations, the rotations of creatures, societies, cosmic rotations, they will resonance. That is a total revolution, a unique moment of history. The Gnostics called it “the moment of the accomplishment of all accomplishments”. It’s a resonant instant with all of the cycles, a concurrence of lines of all cycles. When the Age is finished and a new one is forthcoming. That is a total revolution. Or an end-time.

Are individual problems problems of the universe for a revolutionary?

Undoubtedly. There is a direct analogy between the macrocosm and the microcosm, between the Man and the environment, they are interconnected. A revolutionary is a man, who perceives the modern world in a much more perspicacious, penetrating way. Unlike an average man, whose perception is blunt. In this respect I think a revolutionary is THE human. A non-revolutionary is… disturbing. THE man senses a bond between being and himself, unlike a quasi-man.

Is there freedom? What do you think about it?

There is no doubt, there is freedom. Moreover, it is essential. It constituted the Man. And being. It is the basis of all monotheistic theologies, which even had an immense influence on our, let us say, atheistic culture. Freedom, in fact is the main dimension of being. And human being. But you see, this thesis encounters a number of antithesises and is refuted by many, not many, the whole stream of reality. A search of the true freedom is a leap, a disproof of an objective truth, of a leaden reality, and is the supreme motor, the supreme prize for authentic life, authentic existence. I think that freedom is not on the outside, it is in the inside. Man can’t be granted freedom by some force, he must fight for it. It is an ethical imperative of life, to realize this freedom, asseverate it. And to free all the aspects of reality that are be in the captivity of the illusion of unfreedom. I side with a total, absolute freedom, what is called “the aim of Vocksha” in Hinduism. The reality, in its immanent quality, is a kind of concentration camp, concentration universe. It forces all creatures, being in its sphere of influence, to feel unfree and to define themselves as being unfree. And the imperative of every spiritual creature is a struggle and a permanent rebellion against this concentrating system of reality. In the social sense too, yes. But that is one of the aspects. Man has to rebel against all the unfreedom on all layers and domains of the concentrating camp: on the level of the domination of flash, the domination of inertia, the domination of sleep, the domination of the stream of consciousness. And including what social teachings call “The System”. I mean the votaries of entropy, who try to foist off barriers. The creature and aspects of reality who deny, reject, forbid freedom, we must fight them. An uncompromising and permanent struggle. Annihilation. That is Man’s dignity. Every spiritual creature’s dignity.

What is the meaning of your life?

Well, it coincides with that of every man’s. The highest possible realization of freedom, completeness of the rebellion, the ultimate art of overcoming. Of what can be overcome and of what can not. “Man is something that must be overcome”, as Nietzsche put is. The meaning of my life lies in overcoming. Myself, in the first place. And what can be overcome. And what can not.

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