Pastor Compares Atheists To “Terrorists, Sex Offenders,” Suggests National Registry

By Robin M.


Ed Brayton notes over at Dispatches from the Culture War that internet pastor Mike Stahl has come up with an interesting idea to assist Christians in day-to-day life.  According to Stahl, the nation should set up an “Atheist Registry” in order to provide an updated list of anyone who is a “self-proclaimed atheist,” just as you would do for people convicted of sex crimes or associated with terrorist groups.

Yes, atheists are apparently just that dangerous.  Stahl wrote his original proposal last year, where he explained his reasoning behind the registry.

“Now , many (especially the atheists ) , may ask “Why do this, what’s the purpose ?” Duhhh , Mr. Atheist , for the same purpose many States put the names and photos of convicted sex offenders and other ex-felons on the I-Net – to INFORM the public !

Although Stahl’s registry would only have a name and perhaps picture of the avowed, publicly declared atheist, and no physical address, he also believes that knowing who are the atheists in your neighborhood could lead to a wonderful opportunity to try and convert, too!

“Perhaps we may actually know some . In which case we could begin to witness to them and warn them of the dangers of atheism . Or perhaps they are radical atheists , whose hearts are as hard as Pharaoh’s , in that case , if they are business owners , we would encourage all our Christian friends , as well as the various churches and their congregations NOT to patronize them as we would only be ‘feeding’ Satan .”

Although Stahl came up with his grand plan nearly a year ago, he reposted it recently to his facebook page in order to get some fresh thoughts on his God-fearing brainstorm, causing a storm of activity that forced him both to delete the link and put his blog on private.

It’s probably a bad sign when an internet pastor has to hide himself on the internet.


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