A National Stockholm Syndrome where Cultural Prisoners Are Willing to Abandon Critical Thinking and the Scientific Method in Order to Survive

When Threat of Violence Becomes a “Stockholm” Way-of-Life

Conformity without rational process is the enemy of “critical thinking”

In 1973, two men attempted to rob a Stockholm bank. When police arrived, they were shot by the thugs who retreated to the bank’s vault with 4 hostages held at gunpoint.

During the 6 day stand-off, the hostages were subjected to many physical and mental abuses including having explosives strapped to their bodies and being forced to put nooses around their own necks.

But during a rescue attempt the police met with unexpected resistance from the very victims they were trying to free.  Unbelievably, The hostages actually joined the thugs in an attempt to fight off the “good guys” who were trying to save them.

Later, one of the hostages went so far as to set up a fund to cover legal defense fees for the criminals who had threatened to kill him.

Since 1973, this captor-prisoner phenomenon has been coined as the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

On the 15th of April 1974, the Sunset District branch of the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco was robbed. Security footage showed a young, attractive urban guerrilla brandishing a machine gun and ordering people in the bank to lie face down on the ground.  The victim of Stockholm Syndrome in this case was Patty Hurst, who was held hostage for two months by SLA leader Donald DeFreeze.

Like Charles Manson only five years before,  DeFreeze wanted to start a revolution of the underprivileged by declaring war on those with status and money.  From his followers he commanded total obedience and worship.

Applied more broadly, Stockholm Syndrome is used to describe shifts in international relationships. The 1989 thesis, ” Captive Continent: The Stockholm Syndrome in European-Soviet Relations” by Philip Pilevsky described a shift in Western European sympathies toward a marked pro-Soviet position.

“Western Europe is, in a profoundly psychological way, a captive of the Soviet Union. In this relationship, based on fear and dependence, Western Europe comes increasingly to identify with its captor at the expense of the U.S.”

Stockholm Syndrome, therefore, can be broadly applied to describe captor-prisoner relationships on many levels.

For example, The taboo issue of 9/11 is a virtual re-enactment of the original Stockholm event where the American public -having suffered the “unbelievable” psychological trauma of the 9/11 attacks – assume the role of gagged hostages or cultural prisoners with the government, homeland security, Patriot Act and media presented as the overwhelmingly powerful captors.

Three fundamental conditions predispose a definition of “Stockholm Syndrome”:

1) A prevailing and markedly uneven power relationship in which the captor can dictate what the prisoner is allowed, and not allowed to do.
2) A prevailing threat (extortion) of bodily harm, physical injury or death.
3) The prisoner’s primal instinct of self-preservation.

Included are the prisoner’s “perception” (correct or incorrect) that they cannot escape and that their self-preservation must occur within the rules set by the captor(s).  Given time, the isolation from countervailing opinions from outside sources can work to intensify the degrading psychological processes to further victimize the prisoner, leading to a full-blown manifestation of a Stockholm Syndrome.

Examples of wider Manifestations of captor-prisoner scenarios in post-9/11 American Culture:

Signs of Stockholm Syndrome (Captor-Prisoner phnomenon) in America’s relationship with fossil fuels

Captor-Prisoner relationships as Stockholm Syndrome in cases of Domestic Abuse:

Military Indoctrination – Basic Training uses a 6-week prisoner-captor relationship to secure prisoner (troop) loyalty to a system that promotes perpetual war. The current indoctrination is based on voluntary enlistment where  military troops are fiercely promoted as the ultimate patriot regardless that their original motivation was to seek gainful employment and a paycheck full of Federal Reserve notes.

Military Industrial Complex: A fear-based survival concept of physical threat expressed as propaganda in Corporate Media where Peace is rarely an option.

Education System – Fear of Failure, Fear of the Future. An indoctrination where success is too frequently based on gaming a funding system of federal grants rather than attaining real and sustainable knowledge.

Global Warming (AGW): Promoted as Fear of the Future for all mankind regardless that easy analysis reveals AGW is reduced to fear of loss of Corprate/Oligarchic dominance through economic implosion of a global Ponzi scheme referred to on Wall Street as “economic growth”.

Government Lies of 9/11:  Captors are placed in high esteem by a society of cultural prisoners with decades of learned Stockholm Syndrome behavior where prisoners join their captors in fighting off their rescuers (the good guys of 9/11 truth) by labeling these rational thinkers as “Conspiracy Theorists”.

Government Lies of Chemtrails: Captors are placed in high esteem by a society of cultural prisoners with decades of learned Stockholm Syndrome behavior where prisoners join their captors in fighting off their rescuers (the good guys of Chemtrail truth) by labeling these rational thinkers as “Conspiracy Theorists”.

In his inaugural speech, President Roosevelt said: “The only thing we have to fear is Fear, itself”. 

Since then, military and economic terrorism has been  promoted by a criminal banking class who use governments of the people to enforce a culture of fear where whole societies are transformed into a mass of Stockholm hostages – who take sides with their captors against dissent and are incapable of critical thinking.


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