We Need an Atheist President

From Laurence Vance:


Michele Bachmann was in Orlando over the weekend speaking at the annual awards dinner of the Florida Family Policy Council. According to the Orlando Sentinel, she talked more about her Christian faith than politics. Now, I am all for her Christian faith and the Christian faith of any other presidential candidate, but it is really irrelevant except to gullible Christians who think that being a Christian means that one will be a good president. Just look at the horrible presidency of George W. Bush. I would much prefer an atheist president who strictly followed the Constitution and followed a sane, noninterventionist foreign policy than a politician like Bachmann who uses religion to get votes and is a bloodthirsty warmonger.

The ideal Christian, pro-life, family values candidate is, of course, Ron Paul, who alone promotes peace and nonintervention, and promotes these things consistently.

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  1. Yeah, but suppose we get stuck with atheist statist shills like Christopher Hitchens? Believe me NOBODY would want someone like him.

  2. No kidding!

    It’s a great irony that militant atheist Hitchens has virtually identical views on foreign policy to those of the Christian Zionists whom he otherwise despises.

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