A Call to Duty

From Robert M. Smith.


The economic situation in the US is grave. No matter what the talking heads and DC pundits say, thinking people and honest economists see it for what it is, a sinking ship headed for the bottom of the ocean. The forecast for liberty, personal freedoms, and justice is just as grim, bleak and hopeless. The fact that the US government has hundreds of detention facilities (seeHR645) standing empty and ready to open for business, along with the US Military preparing for civil unrest in the US, speaks volumes.

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Cities are broke, States are broke and Texans send $320 billion a year to DC to get back ten cents on the dollar. Does this sound fair? Does it sound like justice and liberty to you? Speaking of dollars, your dollars you work so hard for (those which are not stolen directly by DC) have lost over 95 percent of their value in less than one hundred years due to US government and Federal Reserve policies.

Texans are a friendly and generous people but this is not generosity, it is insanity, stupidity, and out right theft! We send them billions and then are made fun of, belittled, and then abused by various federal agencies and fascist policies.

They mock our culture, laugh at our heritage, smirk at our solid work ethic, and criticize our rugged individualism. I had someone from up north (I call them Yankees) tell me “we are sick of the Texas BS, we wish you would secede, good riddance”. I bet he would change his tune if he stopped getting part of that $320 billion or we shut off the gas valve to his heater in January.

So, as a Texan, what can you do about the situation, a situation which is unsustainable and will worsen to the point of unbearable soon? What is your call to duty? First, get off of you backside, join the Texas Nationalist Movement and get involved in the future of Texas, your future, your children’s and grandchildren’s future. Educate yourself, your children, your friends, and neighbors in the absolute necessity and the benefits of an independent Texas. Realize and accept the fact that given the economic, political, unethical, and immoral climate in the US and its government, that there is no down side to Texas Independence for the people of Texas. It will, in the long run, benefit many in other states and countries as well.

On a regular basis call your Texas State Representative, State Senator, Lt. Governor, Governor, and Speaker of the House and insist that the people of Texas be given a vote for independence. Tell them you are sick and tired of the EPA, TSA, DEA, BATFE, Department of Education, and the President belittling, penalizing, and abusing Texas and then spending your stolen monies elsewhere. You should also remind them that you are sick and way past tired of the Big Brother dictates coming from Austin. Remind them that they work for you and if they want to keep their seats (no pun intended) that they will listen to the people of Texas and legislate within the confines of the Texas Constitution.

Unlike the politicians in DC and many in Austin, the Texas Nationalist Movement has the best interests of Texas and Texans in mind in all we do. Texas is a people state and the Texas Nationalist Movement is a people movement. Texans know what is best for Texas and together we can secure a positive economical, political, and ethical future for generations of Texans. Together we can set the standard for strength, peace, liberty, and justice to the other 49 states.

Stop the oppression, the theft, and the abuse of the Federal government and the Banksters at the Federal Reserve. Answer your call to duty and join hands, hearts, and minds with us at the Texas Nationalist Movement. Do your duty and work for a bright future, which is an Independent Texas.

Together we will do this.

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