"The English can no longer depend on the state for protection of life and livelihood."

From the British Resistance.


The reality is simple; the English can no longer depend on the state for protection of life and livelihood.  I watched in horror as hundreds of decent, mainly white locals stood powerlessly observing their homes and businesses being put to the torch.

No police, no fire brigade, no nationalist vigilantes, no English youth defenders, no resistance of any kind, no hope.


I know the English, unlike us Celts are calm, private and very individual in nature but unless Englishmen stand together to defend their homes and families they will be destroyed. This violence is a mere taste to what is coming, make no mistake. This is the end of the beginning, the next phase of our colonisation has now begun and the violence will become much worse in the coming decade.

To the so-called hardcore, 14 word nationalists who boast of what they will do when the race wars starts, I say, grow up and shut up, your kind have done nothing but weakened our cause by your straight arm salutes and by your obnoxious views.

Where were  the massed ranks of the shaven headed nationalist ‘defenders’ who march around England looking for a fight every weekend last night, as the invaders burnt Croydon? Where were the bomber jacketed loud mouth yob nationalists when our people were jumping out of their burning homes?

As things stand there will be no culture/race/religious war in England, it will be a massacre and those in the multi cult areas won’t stand a cat in hells chance of survival never mind silly thoughts of a glorious nationalist victory.

A real nationalist’s first duty is to defend our people and country, we failed. Our young men (you know, the ones that often boast of how patriotic they are, always waving flags and making a lot of noise) did not run away, they couldn’t even get it together to turn up!

This shows just how silly and ineffective the nationalist cause has become in this country. Nationalism needs men and women of quiet dignity and courage not big mouthed disorganised thugs or discredited nationalist political parties.

Surely we can all see now that the ‘state‘ cannot or will not protect our homes or our women and children. Nor will the current nationalist groups and parties. However, since the beginning of time the ultimate responsibility to protect our loved ones and our property has always rested with the individual man of the family.

The idea of a police force (now service) was only ever meant to act as a back up to this universal truth. I say to every British male: the safety of YOUR wife, YOUR children, and YOUR home is YOURS…first and foremost.

Now you see that the state will indeed allow you to be robbed and burnt out of your home, what now? More white flight…WE LIVE ON AN ISLAND MY ENGLISH FRIENDS, YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF PLACES TO HIDE FROM REALITY!

It is time for defence committees to be formed, not only in the affected areas but in ALL areas of the country, so that assistance can be offered by those more fortunate. I am not talking about white vigilantes, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but we need ALL decent British citizens who are patriots to start acting in the way every man in previous generations would have: Stand together and prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Last night it was property, indeed the mobs attacked many private dwellings, kicking domestic doors in and entering family homes. Last night theft was the main impulse, but rape and pillage always go hand in hand.

Ask yourself my English brothers: If a these mobs rampage down your street and kick in your doors, could you ever be a man in your own house again or in the eyes of your children  after the mob has left your wives and daughters on the floor, could you look at yourself in the mirror ever again??

Ask yourself, why no looting or serious bother in Asian areas or some other places? I shall tell you why. This was because hundreds of Asian men (and Turks and Lebanese) took the personal safety of their loved ones, businesses and homes into their own hands, the BBC will not show you, but last night hundreds of men were out on the streets of their districts prepared to fight ANYONE who would threaten what is theirs.

We may all be modern sophisticated urban dwelling men these days, but our main duty and function in life is to provide for, and to defend our women and children, that is the very essence of being a man. This is the way it has always been down through the mists of time, but If we fail to honour this sacred duty, we are not men at all and are due no respect from our families and deserve everything that befalls us. Having a few other anatomical parts does not make one a man, it’s what we do, how we act and how we protect those who look to us for care and safety, that’s what makes a man.

It may be 2011 but nature has some immutable truths that do indeed transcend our notions of civilisation and modernity. Our country was formed and held together by men who were prepared to stand and fight despite the odds, men who would not bow down to aggressors  regardless of the cost and men who would take any action necessary in order to defend their wives and children.

I refuse to believe that Englishmen have changed so much since Dunkirk, but something is not right within the ranks of our gender. WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY MY BRETHREN!

A lot of the areas attacked last night were white (many foreign whites also) the very areas prospering from the middle class ‘white flight’ phenomenon. The same areas where the posh white ‘free trade’ junkies and liberal fools boast about being so wonderfully ‘multi-cultural and diverse’. This is their wake up call.

To hell with Cameron’s ridiculous idea of “Hug a Hoodie”, our police should have shot the hoodies like the vermin they are.  To see hundreds, yes hundreds of English men stand around like dumbstruck pacifists while mobs of mainly black youths robbed them blind and destroyed their family homes made me very angry. Angry at the criminals, and even more angry and ashamed of my gender and race for meekly accepting it.

I am no armchair warrior prevaricating from a safe distance as so many other nationalists often like to do. I have lived in the worst trouble spots of Belfast; I have had high powered machine gun fire tear bricks from my house and have been injured by grenade attack. I understand the pain and ultimate futility of human conflict but when necessary I and the rest of my community have often rallied round and stood our ground together.

Frightened, unsure and at times absolutely terrified, but still the men of our district (and from other areas) were all united in one common goal: to defend our area, our families and local businesses from attack and harm.

Sometimes we had to defend our homes from the traditional enemy, other times from the forces of the state, the police and army.

We are the people, the streets are ours not the states and we the people need to defend what is ours from all attackers no matter what the price and no matter from which quarter the threat comes from.

I have witnessed many of my friends giving their lives in defence of their community, only a few years ago I watched as a young patriot, still in his teens was killed just a few feet away from me as he tried to prevent a large scale invasion of his district by Marxist thugs and bigots. He gave his life but not one house was torched that night in his area. One brave lad stopped several hundred rioting invaders from burning his mum’s house. May his soul rest in peace and may we learn from such selfless acts of sacrifice. This is what real British patriots are capable of when we set our mind to it.

Our society is breaking down, what we have just witnessed is only a miniscule insight to the civil war that is surely coming, (there, it has been said). Englishmen need to decide, do you keep moving away from the invaders (white flight) and live in temporary safety for a few more years while those kinsmen you left behind are burnt and beaten out of house and home? Or, do you start to prepare to defend your loved ones, homes and nation?

Nobody will do this for you, the police wont, and as sure as hell the state wont. Your children and grandchildren will survive or perish depending on what action you take now. Their future is in YOUR hands TODAY!
“We need a strong BNP” I hear some naive folks say… really? The party’s only response this week was to send out a begging text ‘LONDON BURNING  …DONATE £3, DONATE, DONATE,  DONATE!

While British citizens fleeing from burning buildings and our major cities are engulfed in lawlessness the so-called big boys of nationalism can only offer our beleaguered people the opportunity to donate £3 to their leaky coffers !

What an utter disgrace and shameful stunt that should now convince even the most loyal of what the real motivation of the party leaders is these days.

Other nationalists say we need a more moderate, tolerant and inclusive form of nationalism if we are to survive. English national politics being suggested as the way ahead. I too say we need to drop the cranks, Nazis and thuggish racist elements that hide under the banner of nationalism. But where I differ is : I believe we need to build a stronger and more polarized form of nationalism.

Polarizing not the races in particular, but between those who are all mouth and rosettes, and those who wish to commit to a long term strategy for our peoples survival, movement based on merit, decency, integrity and gravity of both thought and endeavour. A respectful but very earnest movement, one that values personal responsibility, probity and courage, nothing less could ever or will ever be able to withstand the future onslaughts.

I understand if some (hopefully men) find this article insulting or accusing..Good it is meant to be so, because unless we come to the personal place in our souls as individual men as to what we want and what we are prepared to do/suffer/endure/fight to save this country, all may well be lost by our generation!

What will you do to secure OUR children’s future?  If the answer is more white flight or running off to Wales, Cornwall, Scotland or Ireland to hide with the old ‘I am all right jack, stuff the rest’ attitude then fine, our country is lost to the invaders.

In fact, they deserve it as they, unlike you, are prepared to fight for its ownership. To those with such an attitude I say: ‘a thousand curses on you, I loathe and detest your kind and I pity the wife and children who have such a coward as a father and husband’ the shame such ‘men’ bring on our nation their families and our ancestors is truly tragic and unforgivable. To such type of ‘men’ we must turn our backs forever on them.

However, my hope is that this article will seek out those men who know deep in their hearts what must be done and who realise that the future of their children and this nation lies within their hands, not the state apparatus. To those brave Englishmen I say ‘welcome brother, let’s get to work’.

Dear friends, we have a long and arduous journey before us and very little time, the scenes of violence last night will soon escalate from economic riot to bloody racial/ cultural pogroms of mass murder in the next few years.

Consider this:  If you have had a baby born into your family this year you can be certain that riot, death and destruction will be the life that this dear child will grow up into.  So let us get serious about our survival NOW!

Are we to continue to fool ourselves by thinking that by ‘Nationalists’ gaining a council seat or two or even a seat in the EU, our wives and daughters will be safe?

Tell that to the hundreds who were burnt from their homes last night. Friends, WE MUST FACE FACTS! Unless we have a root and branch change in our NATIONALIST mindset and attitude to the defence of this country and our loved ones, then I am afraid our grandchildren will curse our very memory as those who could have acted to save them from the horrors they will be suffering but chose to do little or nothing. Do you wish future generations to be ashamed of you? I do not and will not allow the charge of inaction or cowardice ever to be laid at my feet. This is my greatest fear.

Young Englishmen need to look in the mirror and examine their consciences.  In years to come, when God willing,  your surviving grandson climbs up on your knee and looks deeply into your failing eyes and asks : “Granddad, what did you do in the war?” will you be able to answer the lad without shame or regret, will you?

People often ask me ‘what motivates you Jim’, well now you know. If I can look into my little grandson’s eyes and say honestly “I never gave an inch of this country’s sacred soil, I fought for every blade of grass and hill” then I will be content to meet my maker with a sound conscience and glad heart.

It is time for British men to make a stand, time to leave the public house patriots and web warriors behind. The struggle began many years ago but only a few lone voices were heard; now even the blind must see what is coming.

Many of us still remain in safe areas, some do not. Old selfish attitudes need to change. An Englishman’s home is NOT his castle; ENGLAND is his castle, every last inch of it!  If one of US bleeds we all bleed, if one of US falls, we all fall. Unity is strength and it is time we learnt to love our fellow patriots and kinsfolk with a ferocious passion. It is only when we collectively feel and suffer together will we find the courage to defend each other. It will be love NOT hate that compels us to rush to the defence of our fellow countrymen in dangerous times. The flames of London also set this Ulsterman on fire.

Loving ones country is good, loving ones flag is also good but loving one’s own people is what makes ordinary people do extraordinary things in life.  I do not preach hatred; nationalism has too many angry people who have rendered themselves inactive by their twisted and inwardly destructive hate.

I put forward love as our weapon of national salvation!  Real love for our country and our people, the kind of love that prepares, organises and incites us all to stand as one people, one nation, TOGETHER!  The kind of love that says: “attack one of us, deal with us all”, the kind of love that makes a man willing to lay down his life for his neighbour. There is nothing soft about such love; it is the type of purified love that put the ‘hearts of oak’ in previous generations of English heroes.

If our generation act like victims, we will be victims. We British were respected by the world for our individual courage and our sense of oneness against a common enemy. Even Napoleon commented on this fine English trait, a trait deeply rooted in a burning love for ones country not in the hatred of the enemy regardless of who we were fighting.

Hate destroys everything including the host but love conquers all. When the men of England discover a true and pure love for their nation and people they will rise up that same day, but until we purge our hearts from the curse of individualism, selfishness and fear we will continue to see the invading mobs steal our goods burn our homes and chase us and our families to the four corners of this kingdom.

It is time to stop running brothers; it is time for our love of this nation and our people to kindle in us all a righteous anger and solid determination to say: THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!

My friends and much maligned fellow patriots, we all know by now this county is in trouble, serious trouble, It is time to “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK”!

The question is:  Are YOU ready to make a stand yet? If you are I pledge myself to the sacred and Holy cause of saving our nation and protecting our people.  Are you with me and the many others who are working for a secure future for our people?

The way forward

Education.  Preparation.  Determination

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