The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik

Article by Richard Spencer.


What kind of “ultra-nationalist” murders the children of his own people? The answer is one who is truly deranged.

That said, unlike Jared Loughner, whose various writings on politics and economics were non-sensical and seemingly based on free-association, Anders Behring Breivik’s work (if this actually is Anders Breivik’s work) is rational and argued, and he’s clearly read many authors of the non-aligned European Right, including Srdja Trifkovic and the anonymous “Fjordsman.”

I usually cringe at the labeling of mass murderers as “left” or “right”–Loughner was hardly a Tea Party Republican, as media liberals intimated, nor was he a “radical leftist,” as many right-wingers counter-charged. Breivik, on the other hand, is clearly a conservative of some kind.

We still aren’t sure whether Breivik is the man who perpetrated Friday’s bloddy actions; and we still aren’t sure of the authenticity of the online “manifesto” [PDF] (his alleged Facebook page seems extremely fishy…). But we should most definitely study Breivik’s “European Declaration of Independence.” Kevin MacDonald had made excellent start.


From The Occidental Observer.

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  1. Well, Jared’s writings, what I saw of them, made sense to me. Some people are apparently not capable of understanding imagery I guess, so they go on about his “rant” and “rambling” stuff. I bet most of them never even read it, and the others did not do well in literature classes.

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