Former Nazi teen singers ‘pretty liberal now’

Article by Laura Donovan.


Most teens and pre-teens go through passing phases. For Prussian Blue songbirds Lamb and Lynx Gaede, Nazism was a short-lived childhood interest.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily, the 19-year-old twins revealed that they have abandoned most of their highly publicized white nationalist beliefs, which infuriated the nation nearly six years ago when the girls were thirteen, donning Hitler shirts, and promoting white power through their band.

“I’m not a white nationalist anymore,” Lamb told the iPad-only news publication in her first interview in half a decade. “My sister and I are pretty liberal now.”

Lamb’s twin sister Lynx, who once expressed a desire to preserve the Caucasian race, claims to be a huge fan of diversity now.

“Personally, I love diversity,” Lynx seconded. “I’m stoked that we have so many different cultures. I think it’s amazing and it makes me proud of humanity every day that we have so many different places and people.”

But the Bakersfield, Calif., girls weren’t always so “stoked” about people of different races. The very name of their band, Prussian Blue, pays homage to the girls’ German background and blue eyes. In 2006, the Gaedes sparked outrage with their song “Hate for Hate: Lamb Near the Lane.” The song has eyebrow-raising lyrics, such as, “If the white men won’t battle for life and race, the women and children, the terror will face.”

Lamb co-wrote the tune with late pen pal David Lane, a member of the white nationalist group The Order who was jailed for his involvement in the killing of Jewish television show host Alan Berg. In 2005, Lynx said she wanted to keep “[her] people” white. (SNL alum says Obama is basically Hitler)

“We’re proud of being white, we want to keep being white,” Lynx told ABC six years ago. “We want our people to stay white … we don’t want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race.”

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  1. I remember stumbling across this glorified human interest story of a band a couple years ago and had no psychological reaction to them whatsoever. A friend of mine ironically posted one of their older songs on Facebook and even a die hard WN asked “what the hell is this?” in the comments section when he saw it. They almost reminded me of something from an Onion parody.

  2. Frankly I never cared for Prussian Blue or the majority of “Rock Against Communism”, which to me sounds just like bad classic/country-rock/metal. Of course, me not being a WN but then also not liking Antifa groups much either I do admit some of Saga’s material is reasonably listenable. And Zetazeroalpha isn’t bad either…

  3. “Classic/country-rock/metal?” It always sounded like low grade oi! punk to me. I love how both the fa and the anti-fa exist outside of and have no impact on the mainstream society, two clueless subcultures always in meaningless struggle with each other.

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