The Coming Gentrification Wars: Another Crack in the PC Coalition

An insightful observation from Richard Spencer.


After the crime wave of the ‘70s and ‘80s began to wane, homosexual men have functioned as the stormtroopers of urban ethnic cleansing. Lacking children, gays aren’t bothered by “bad schools,” and they have–in many ways, bravely–moved into dilapidated, crime-ridden areas to renovate apartments, install delightful coffee shops and pet stores, and generally raise property values. In but a few years, erstwhile “no-go zones”  became safe for breeders. Whatever social conservatives might think about them, American gays have been taking back our cities, block by block.

And they are now running up right up against Flash Mobs and a renewed and spectacular Black urban unruliness.

Here are some dispatches from The Battle for Boystown.

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