The American Nosedive

Article by Jim Goad. Wow.

Reading the Declaration of Independence 235 years after it was written, it’s kidney-punchingly obvious that the United States government has become precisely the sort of bloodsucking tyrant against which the Founding Fathers revolted.

These days our primary financial and political mechanisms, as well as every jot and tittle of rhetoric that dribbles from our politicians’ mouths, all lurch toward centralized global codependency, whereas the Declaration of Independence encourages “separation,” “liberty,” and “dissolving political bands.”

The Declaration bemoans the fact that the King of England had blocked many of the colonies’ laws, whereas today the feds’ judicial henchmen routinely overrule the American electorate’s will in matters such as immigration, gay marriage, and anything else that obstructs its agenda’s steamrollering path.

The Declaration protests the fact that the King had created a “multitude of New Offices…to harass our people, and eat out our substance.” Today, America employs more people in government than in manufacturing. It lost a full third of its manufacturing jobs in the last decade alone while adding nearly two million government jobs.

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