Ruling Class Support for Mass Immigration: It's Nothing New

A very interesting article from American Third Position.

I’m sometimes asked how mass  immigration can be a pro-state or pro-ruling class policy given it’s illegality. First of all, not all of it is illegal. Second, it it often subsidized by the state or by capitalism directly or indirectly. Third, pro-ruling class organs such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal persistently agitate for it. Fourth, efforts to restrict it at the local level are typically met with an outcry of hysteria from the media, the elites, and the Left. Fifth, the majority of politicians from both parties are in favor of it. Sixth, illegal immigrants are not prosecuted but simply released at the border most of the time. The A3P article explains very well why this happens and why it is an issue than actually predates the rise of PC ideology.

Still, the fact remains that at least some forms of immigration continue to be illegal, and there are some interests within the state who have a stake in immigration enforcement, such as the various alphabet soup agencies associated with immigration control laws. The A3P article describes very clearly how this works. Whether mass immigration is good or bad is an individual value judgment like anything else, and if some people wish to accept the possible or probable consequences of it, then so be it. Unlike the author of this article, I do not advocate the strengthening of the alphabet-soup-agency-police-state in the name of controlling immigration any more than I advocate doing so in the name of controlling common crime. Both crime and invasive immigration are correctly matters for communities to handle on their own. “Help” from the state is likely to be anything but. Yet facts are facts. Unbridled immigration is a tool of class warfare by elites against the lower orders.

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