Common Sense from Veteran Secessionist Carol Moore

Let’s talk about widespread consciousness, not “concentrated forces.”

Once everyone realizes the US is in worse shape than Greece, secession
will look better and better. Of course some of the leaders may be state
bureaucrats who want to ensure their own big fat pensions by cutting off
the feds ability to tax their subjects!

Keeping representative majority rule governance in seceded entities is
not sufficient a solution, since it always leads to minority rule, with
politically motivated promises of social welfare programs inevitably
based on unsustainable grounds. Direct democracy where only say 80% of
80% of eligible voters (or better 95% of 95%) can pass a law or tax is
best way to ensure freedom and sustainability. And of course sunset or
minority repeal provisions so bad laws passed by majorities in haste can
be revoked in a timely manner also important. And of course strong
individual bills of rights.

A libertarian philosophy also helps. See http://secession.net

-Carol Moore

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