2011 Conference of the Property and Freedom Society

Watch videos of this event filmed by Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance.

Property and Freedom Society
Sixth Annual Meeting
Bodrum, Turkey, 26-30 May 2011
Karia Princess Hotel

Video shot by Sean Gabb,
Director of the Libertarian Alliance

Friday, May 27

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Welcome and Introductions
Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Politics, Money and Banking. Everything You Need to Know in 30 Minutes
Mateusz Machaj, How and How Not to Criticize the Central Bank
Philipp Bagus, The FED and the ECB: Banksterism Compared
Doug French, Going Broke: The Ethics of Default
Thomas DiLorenzo, The Fallacies of “Happiness Research”
Nikolay Gertchev, Psychology Ain’t Economics. New Fads in Economics
Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Mateusz Machaj, Philipp Bagus, Thomas DiLorenzo, Nikolay Gertchev, Discussion, Q & A

Saturday, May 28

Stephan Kinsella,Correcting Some Common Libertarian Misconceptions
John Derbyshire, Understanding China and the Chinese
John O’Sullivan, Understanding Europe and its Bureaucrats
Norman Stone, Understanding Turkey and the Turks
Mustafa Akyol, Drawing Borders in the Middle East: Ottoman Provinces v Western State Creations
Roman Skaskiw,Fighting for Freedom” in the Middle East. A Combat Soldier’s Report
Derbyshire, Stone, Akyol, Skaskiw, Discussion, Q & A

Sunday, May 29

Sean Gabb,The Case Against the American War of Independence
Paul Gottfried, How the Left Conquered the Right
Anthony Daniels (Theodore Dalrymple), The Mirage of “Equal Opportunity”
Nicola Iannello, Of Producers and Parasites
Yuri Maltsev, Of Customs and Condoms. Moving from One Empire to Another
Gabb, Gottfried, Daniels, Iannello, Kinsella, Maltsev, Discussion, Q & A
Hans-Hermann Hoppe,Concluding Remarks and Announcements

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