Christians Put On Trial in England for Criticizing Islam

The criminal trial of a Christian couple charged with a public order offence for criticising Islam is due in court today (Tuesday 8 December 2009). Last night hundreds of Christians gathered to pray about the case, concerned about its implications for free speech and religious liberty.

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  1. As a Christian, I find this situation deplorable. The civilisation of Britain, as of other countries in the West, is founded on Christianity. Muslims come to Britain because they enjoy a far better life here than they could in their homelands, and then they try to foist their religion upon us. As a member of the indigenous population of Britain, I also find it unacceptable that our rulers bring in these foreigners, and then tax us to pay for them. Does anyone suppose that Muslims could support their over-large families without the generous support of people like me, who pay the taxes that fund the welfare? Also, what about the principle of freedom of speech? What I would advise everyone is this: our rulers are not loyal to us, so, when they want to fight yet more unnecessary and illegal wars, do not give them your support.

  2. As another UK resident, Alexandra, I think it’s dishonest to talk of “generously supporting” anyone: that implies a choice which, in reality, doesn’t exist.

    This is, first and foremost, a free speech issue.

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