Benjamin Tucker’s Four Monopolies

From The Gonzo Times.
1 – The Land Monopoly – The enforcement by government of land titles which do not rest upon occupancy and use. This monopoly is immoral for various reasons since it violates just ownership. Just ownership over a natural resource is validated when an individual mixes their labor with that resource and actively uses it. When you abandon that resource for a given amount of time, it ceases to be your property. Same goes with your body. Your body is yours since you mix your labor with it constantly and you actively use it. This legal justification of ownership can also be used to reject voluntary slavery contracts.

2 – The Money Monopoly – The enforcement by government of legal tender laws and the institution of central banking. This allows the powerful to manipulate the economy to their own interests and by extension destroy the actual productive economy. The Boom and Bust cycle is tied to central banking. The Money Monopoly serves as a legal cartel for banks and the money changers.

3 – The Tariff Monopoly – The enforcement by government of trade barriers and trade restrictions internationally. This creates and maintains the high profits, low wages, and high prices we see under the prevailing state capitalism of today. This monopoly makes any real competition with Big Business illegal.

4 – The Patent Monopoly – The enforcement by government of intellectual monopolization. This monopoly is a prevention of competitive enterprise in ideas and invention. For example, if the inventer of the wheel was the sole person that could legally produce the wheel with out charge that person would hold an unjust monopoly over all other people. Also, that would limit the improvement of the original invention since in order to improve an invention you need to use the “original” idea. This goes against the theory of just ownership as presented above.

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