Gay Student Crowned Prom Queen at Va. High School

So much for small town America as citadels of prejudice and intolerance.
Becoming prom queen at Blacksburg High got harder this year.

Young women aspiring to wear the tiara don’t just have to worry about the other girls anymore – guys can become prom queen at the high school now too.

The proof: Senior student Jake Boyer took the title at this year.

“This prom queen thing sort of became a manifestation of ‘all right, this is who I am’,” Boyer told WDBJ News. “It’s time to show it off.”

Boyer came out as gay publicly during the school year. Encouraged by his friends, he entered into the running for queen of the Blacksburg Prom this spring.

The night of the dance, Boyer showed up wearing a green Lady Gaga-inspired outfit.

He called his run for prom queen a social experiment gone right. “More than anything, this experiment just gave me hope for the future,” he told WDBJ. “Like, oh my gosh, this little town in the middle of Virginia is able to be this open.”

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