The 12-Step Plan to Restore American Femininity

Article by Gavin McInnes.
Like firing a fetus from a slingshot, feminism catapulted women out of the kitchen and onto the streets, where they were invited to do anything a man can do—but better. This was a blessing for the few women meant to lead a man’s life, but for the vast majority of womankind, it was like that human cannonball from the Isle of Man who died after being catapulted across the sky and right through his safety net.

As this fascinating article by the Daily Mail‘s Liz Jones explains, feminism hasn’t relieved women of any female obligations; it’s only added male obligations to their burden. The kitchen may have been a prison, but it was a hell of a lot easier than staying at the office all night to prepare the PowerPoint presentation for the Clifford account, especially when you have to make the kid’s lunches the next day. Women now get the worst of both worlds.

The girls I grew up banging had rooms that were light years filthier than mine, and I was quite a sloppy lad. I’d say less than half of my female peers can cook, and big loud walrus belches have become the modern lady’s version of, “Charmed, I’m sure.” After graduating from this androgynous youth, women are invited to join the workforce and either bust their ass doing physical labor or get a desk job sifting through numbers without the testosterone to be able to crunch them. (The president of Harvard lost his job for broaching the subject, but “Exposure to testosterone in the womb is said to promote development of areas of the brain often associated with spatial and mathematical skills.”)

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  1. Women are only respected and worth respecting inside the house. The moment they’re outside the home doing any job/work/labor be-fitting a man, they lose respect, self-esteem, joy, happiness and everything else. They become as good and as worthy of respect as a prostitute.
    This is the reason why west has no culture.
    Mind you, McDonalds is not a culture. It is laughable. It is a sorry replacement for a culture-less society.
    Feminism is squarely to blame!
    Now go figure.

  2. Your trying to troll me, right?

    I like my fascist chew-toys better when I can take them seriously.

  3. Hey, I eat at McDonalds. Also, working in the house is easy, traditional marrige is just prostituition during a great period of time, for more that traditionalists in denial cry how this is not true.

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