Youth for Western Civilization Conference Registration

Some of our more rightward leaning readers may be interested in this.And this group is worth supporting even if you’re a libertarian-leaning leftist or classical liberal. Universities are citadels of totalitarian humanism.
This is an exclusive three-day event for the top youth activists from across the country to receive the best preparation available for success on campus. Preference is given to current YWC members.

If you want to fight multiculturalism, socialism, political correctness and racial preferences and take back your campus culture, apply to attend this convention. All three days will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to launch a successful attack against anti-West sentiments on your campus — not to mention, this is an opportunity to meet and network with the best and brightest activists and experts around.

Attendees will receive three meals each day, expert training, supplies to take home, and the best political experience of your life. Lodging will be provided for free until the reserved location is full.

Cost of attending the conference is absolutely free thanks to our generous donors.

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  1. “Universities are citadels of totalitarian humanism.”

    Exactly. I try to tell my comrades in the Black Student Association to focus more on programs that benefit the local Black population rather than worry about the school’s diversity programs. While Africana or Black studies is important, the administration does not give a rat’s ass about the Black community and is primarily focused on academic politics of affirmative action and “diversity.”

    So, while I may disagree with YWC on a lot of issues, at least they’re a strike against totalitarian humanism.

  2. It seems that little in the ethnic studies programs seems to spring from sources of authentic cultural reclamation, even if that was the original plan by some well-intentioned people who started them, or they would have more minority professors teaching them and minority students taking the classes for their own personal sake, and they would be able to market and bring it easier to open-minded, “cosmopolitan” types on campuses who want to foster knowledge and diverse experiences, instead of mandating them and creating an orthodoxy just in the name of “diversity”.

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