Ron Paul Warns U.S. Could Become Like Middle East

Article by Jack Kenny.
merica could see the kind of violent uprisings that have cost countless lives and convulsed societies in the Middle East if the nation does not stop rolling up massive deficits and devaluing its currency, Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate warned in a front-page interview published in the New Hampshire Sunday News.

Paul, who declared his candidacy for President in New Hampshire last Friday, said he and other advocates of limited, constitutional government are often wrongly accused of not caring about people. “Our critics say we’re going to throw people out on the street,” he said, “but what’s going on in Washington now is going to throw a lot of people out on the street.” By running up massive deficits and printing more money to cover the national debt, the government is leading the nation toward an economic collapse, he warned.

“What happens if you pass that money that has no value, and then Social Security checks bounce?” Paul asked. Violent uprisings could result, as the promised benefits in the large network of government programs are no longer provided. “I think it’s very possible,” he said. “I think people are going to get very angry.”

Paul spent last Thursday and Friday in New Hampshire, where he announced his candidacy for President, first in an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday and a few hours later at a Town Hall rally in Exeter. He later delivered the keynote address at the Grafton County Republican dinner in Lebanon. In his interview with the Sunday paper, Paul described the same belief in personal freedom and limited government that fired up the hundreds of supporters at the rally in Exeter.

“I take a strict constitutional position that the government has very little authority to get involved in our personal or economic lives,” said Paul, explaining his opposition to the national “War on Drugs,” as well as myriad economic regulations that limit freedom and impede the productivity of businesses both large and small. Americans “have conceded way too much to the government to decide what we put in our bodies,” he said, defending his belief that even a ban on heroin is an unconstitutional overreach by the federal government. But his speeches and writings have been mostly about economic and monetary regulation and, increasingly, the manipulation of the currency by the Federal Reserve. His bill to require an audit of the “Fed” has been passed in the House, and his book End the Fed is one of several bestsellers he has penned in the past few years. Following the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives in the 2010 election, Paul became chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and the hearings he has chaired on the workings of the Federal Reserve have raised public awareness of how the agency controls interest rates and money supply.

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