Why the Right is Doomed

Article by Paul Gottfried. Gottfried’s analysis is similar to my own. I’ve predicted before that today’s left-liberals are tomorrow’s conservatives and today’s hard leftists are tomorrow’s liberals. This trend will likely continue until mid-century when economic, cultural and demographic transformation make it no longer viable.
Jim assumes this state of affairs cannot last: “Sooner rather than later, the egalitarian left’s unapologetic bullies will be forced to deal with the big white monster they’ve helped create.” I find no compelling reason to believe this. While I do accept Jim’s and Jared’s counter-narrative, I doubt the situation will correct itself—and most definitely not in the foreseeable future. Most indicators here, in Canada, and in Western Europe suggest that multicultural views are doing swimmingly. The growth in support for the antinational, pro-immigration Greens in Germany, the National Democrats in Canada, and other culturally leftist (and not merely economically redistributionist) parties in Western countries indicates that the cultural left is continuing to make strides. The fact that these parties have not generated proportionate (and in countries such as Germany, even minimally significant) backlashes suggests that the right may be doomed. One can also cite the depressing example of the GOP, which as this country’s established “conservative” party cringes and crawls before minorities. Which American party stands for the white counterinsurgency? Certainly it is not the party of John McCain and George W. Bush, which apologizes fitfully to blacks for slavery and segregation without picking up any black votes as a result.

Barring a disaster, the cultural-social left has all the wind in its sails and is likely to keep it there. The establishment controls all effective resources here and in most of Western Europe; whatever may be taking place, it is not Jared or Jim who gets to interpret it for hundreds of millions. Equally important, the vast majority of people in today’s Western world are living well. Whether or not this is the work of their governments is another question, but no matter! Well-fed plebs who spend their lives watching sports contests and reciting PC gibberish are not likely to become counterrevolutionaries. Finally, human beings are conditioned to follow those in authority, particularly if that authority is not under noticeable attack. And the non-aligned right neither here nor in Western Europe is in any position to launch a thunderous counteroffensive. If they did, the faux right would crush them even before the establishment left got into the battle.

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