Whatta Whiny Week! The Top Ten Crybabies of the Past Seven Days

Article by Jim Goad.
In the wonderful new world that’s being lovingly sculpted by the nice people who know what’s best for us, peace on Earth will apparently never come until everyone everywhere is either offended or apologizing all the time.

This eternal cycle of grievance and repentance, most of it revolving around ever-multiplying subsets of atomized socio-cultural identities, is self-perpetuating, smackably annoying, and utterly unnecessary. So long as no one gets stabbed, there’s absolutely no need for everyone to accept, embrace, and honor everyone else’s beliefs, lifestyles, melanin levels, genital configurations, and carnal indulgences. “Live and let live,” as they say—yes? Freedom of association—right? Keep your meddlesome snout out of everyone else’s personal business, and for the sake of public mental hygiene, don’t act as if your personal business is society’s burden to bear. Only infants and toddlers insist that everyone has to accept them. If someone doesn’t love you just the way you are, here’s a radical idea: Don’t hang out with them. If they said something that hurt your feelings, scratch them off your Christmas-card list immediately. I don’t understand why further measures would ever be needed.

Many politicians and civil lawyers don’t see it that way. There’s money to be made with hurt feelings, so they’ve cultivated an infantilized new generation of diaper-wearing wah-wah babies taking umbrage and acting touchy and feeling put-upon if someone so much as bats their eyelashes at them in a manner they deem insensitive. If Martians were to land tonight, they’d look around, shrug, say, “What a bunch of fags,” and then leave.

“If someone doesn’t love you just the way you are, here’s a radical idea: Don’t hang out with them.”

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