A Book Critiquing PC from the Left

Is anyone familiar with this? It looks to be an interesting read.

Introduction: Political Correctness as Antitransformational.

PC, Opportunism, and Transformative Deficit on the Left.

Affirmative Action: Hanging Separately While the Gentry Feast.

Transformative Values: Synergy, Entropy, and Social Change.

Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism: The Invisible Hand of Synergy.

The Missing Child in Transformational Politics.

Beyond Adultism: Political Empowerment for Young People.

Family Empowerment in Social Transformation: The Politics of Birthing, Nursing, and Parenting.

Missing Synergies in Ecology, Crime, and Political Economy.

Conclusion: Ideology as Friend and Foe of Transformation.

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  1. Yeah, Tammy Bruce is an interesting case. The only problem I have with her is that she sometimes falls into the neocon trap. She’s parroted a lot of neocon rhetoric about the “war on terrorism” for instance.

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