Europe vs America: The Sino-Soviet Split of Totalitarian Humanism?

Article by Christie Davies.
The next European target will be the First Amendment, where America will be pressured to outlaw what is misleadingly and emotively called “hate speech.” This February, the European Union’s Law Enforcement Working Party considered plans to “create a single secure cyberspace” from which all “illicit content” is blocked. It is an emulation of China’s methods for controlling Web access. European politicians and left-wing activists are resentful of, and outraged by, ordinary citizens’ ability to log onto facts and opinions that the authorities would like to outlaw altogether. The Internet undermines not only local censorship but also the monopoly enjoyed by the progressive oligarchies who control European media. It places far too much power in the hands of free individuals, an idea quite alien to the European mind. Freedom is not a European value. Continental Europeans tend to rate liberty lower than equality, which is also why they subordinate the marketplace to the state.

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