Another Small Victory for Medical Marijuana in the War Against Cancer

by David Kramer.

Today’s LRC posted a story about a boy who’s brain cancer seems to have been cured by his father when his father surreptitiously (i.e., against the wishes of the boy’s doctors) gave him medical marijuana. Now comes word from (of all places) Harvard University where a study showed that the active ingredient in marijuana (THC) “cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread.”

By the way, the article also states, “The only clinical trial testing THC as a treatment against cancer growth was a recently completed British pilot study in human glioblastoma.” Glioblastoma is a form of brain cancer. The LRC-posted story doesn’t state which brain cancer the boy had, but I found that fact about the British study in this article on lung cancer very intriguing.

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  1. It’s a jubilant story that the kids life was saved, despite the efforts of the inhumane enforcers of federal law.

    However it is inaccurate: It didn’t say explicitly that the cannabis cured him (unlikely on its own, unless THC and other trace compounds in the cannabis provoke some really magnificent regenerative properties of human tissue), but rather that the cannabus enable the child to eat and take his chemo meds.

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