Article by Ajak C. Mahmood at Mathaba.Net.
t is obvious that the entire western world is the enormous enemy of Africa since many decades and right up to this day.

Its happiness, development and advancement rely much on African peoples’ pain and destruction. Any step of development that has been taken by Africa, western devils would just jump on it and divert it to a slow move so that it cannot happen. Western devils will pretend to support Africa with a tricky tone of backing her backwardness.

West look at Africans as mean stuff, people with a poor education who cannot do anything for themselves except by the help of the western devils. Some Africans may think that they dedicated their lives to education up to the level of above PhD and that will help bring change of Africa into good shape. But with all this (in the eyes of those western devils), you’re still nothing. They pretend to show respect to you but it is in the guise of their interest that they want to take from you, because you are blind-folded by them, you accept all what they say and only then you’re acceptable to them.

After witnessing the very clear injustice of the west on Libya in Africa, does it mean good relations? Does it mean respect to Africa, the African Union (AU)? Does it mean helping Africa, for the AU to go forward? If all Africans stand and talk in one voice against their enemy, then they are strong and powerful.

AU stop being humble and soft to the west, being so humble to the USA, UK, UN, France, EU and all their imperial organizations, will never help Africa advance an inch. Through the experience that shows 95% of arms, coup d’états and civil war disasters in Africa are caused by the west.

It is high time for the African Union, with the single voice of Africa, to declare to those western devils that there should be no more African relations with USA, UK, UN, France, EU. Africa, without them can stand alone and function from scratch. If AU feels without those western vampires’ system that it cannot survive, then African people should accept being slaves of the west and forget about the creation of the united states of Africa.


The failed 2008 elections in Kenya and the death of nearly 1,500 civilians should have been enough to send a clear message of how Western democracy is not working in Africa. When African nations follow the Westminster system of so-called democracy rather than a system that is self-defined there are problems. For instance, during the 1990 elections in Algeria, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) won 55 percent of the vote in local elections. One year later in December 1991 the FIS won the first round of general elections with 188 seats outright, and was nearly certain to win an absolute majority in the second round. However because Western entities did not want an Islamic government ruling Algeria, the elections were aborted giving way to a military take over. This was a clear sign of Africans implementing a process foreign to their own distinctiveness, and then interfered with because the outcome didn’t fit the desire of outside imperialists.

Africans have suffered unwarranted bloodshed and instability from the many conflicts that raged on the continent in the name of establishing the Western form of democracy. How many more deaths will it take across the continent before Africans wake up and smell the coffee?

There are several cases in recent times showing it’s an erroneous belief that Western style democracy can work in Africa. Exercising “democracy” in Cote d’Ivoire, the November 2010 presidential election results were disputed between the incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo and his political opponent Alassane Ouattara, who UN election observers claim won. But when Mr. Gbagbo contested the outcome, France, the United Nations and forces backing Mr. Ouattara opted to take the country violently. On April 11 Mr. Gbagbo was detained by Mr. Ouattara’s forces. However since the beginning of the conflict upwards of 2,000 Ivoirians were killed and another one million displaced according to the BBC online edition. How many more will die before it’s completely over?

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