Odinism In The Age of Man

A new book by author Wyatt Kaldenberg. I’m planning a review of this that will be forthcoming fairly soon.

Now available from Amazon.Com and Goodreads.

Odinism In the Age of Man advocates a return to family centered tribalism, ancestral traditions, and the Gods and Goddesses of our people. Wyatt Kaldenberg’s Odinism In the Age of Man argues that the modern world is corrupt and in rapid decline. He believes that the answers our popular culture offer are not answers at all, but part of the bigger problem. He feels contemporary political solutions cannot resolve the dilemma of the decaying West. According to Mr. Kaldenberg, Western civilization is in spiritual decay and the only workable response to our spiritually dead society is to reject the Age of Man and return to our own Gods and Goddesses. Kaldenberg shows that political movements such as liberalism, conservativism, socialism, capitalism, neo-Nazism, and fascism are materialistic world views that progressively lead the West down a road to doom. He claims the declining Age of Man is an open door to the coming Age of the Gods. Kaldenberg writes, “Being born in the Age of Man is our destiny. We were brought into this world for a reason. We must become men and women of our time. We must go forth and meet our destiny as men and women of a new horizon. Odinism must return our people to the Age of the Gods.” As Christian churches decrease in attendance, young people are increasingly turning to polytheism for spiritual answers. Modern people are reverting to their native spiritual roots. Contemporary Heathenism is forming into a number of separate theological branches such as Asatru, Odinism, Theodism, Norse Wicca, and Wotanism. Wyatt Kaldenberg’s book, Odinism In The Age Of Man, seeks to define a branch of the modern Heathen reawakening known as Odinism. The Odinic religion is rooted in Northern European ancestor worship. Odinism is sometimes called the Viking religion or Norse Paganism. It draws from the pre-Christian native beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, Germanic, and Nordic peoples. Odinism is a polytheistic religion. Odinism is a family centered faith. The chief Gods and Goddesses of the religion are Odin, Frigga, Thor, Frey, Freyja, Ostara, Heimdall, Tyr, Sunna, Eartha, and Ullr. This book contains the essays: About Odinism In The Age of Man The Declining Western Civilization Odinism in an Alien World Odinism Must Stand Separate From Everything Marxism, National Socialism, and Odinism Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Utopianism, American Mythology, and the Dictatorship of Money Odinism Must Take Our People Out Of the Age of Man

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